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Enviroscape ECM® offers a wide variety of erosion control blankets designed to help stabilize slopes, reinforce banks, and facilitate vegetative growth. The core component of these blankets is made using natural fibers such as agricultural wheat straw, aspen shavings, and coconut husk fibers. These fibers are then placed on photo or biodegradable netting, and sewn together with degradable thread. This provides you with a strong reinforcing layer that not only offers stability, but is also safe for the environment.

The netting, filling material, and thread used for these erosion control blankets are constructed to meet different strengths or durations of time. Read more..

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Erosion Control Blanket: Polyprop P50000
erosion control blanket
Erosion Control Blankets:
Straw Blanket S1000
erosion control blanket biodegradeErosion Control Blankets:
Straw Blanket S1000BD
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90 Day Erosion Control Blanket

erosion control blanket
Double Net Straw
Erosion Control Blanket
excelsior blanket
Aspen Excelsior Blanket
erosion control straw mats
Double Net Straw
Erosion Control Blanket
erosion control matterial
Erosion Control:
Straw Blanket S2000BD
erosion control specifications
Erosion Control:
Double Net Straw/Coco
straw erosion blanketStraw Erosion Blanket:
Double Net Straw/Coco BD
coir blanket
Double Net Coir Blanket
coir blankets
Coir Blankets

Erosion Control Blankets by Enviroscape

For slopes that feature a rise to run ratio of 3:1 or less or for low flow channels, biodegradable blankets such as the Single Net Erosion Control Blanket or the Excelsior Blanket made from aspen shavings are an ideal choice. These erosion control blankets stabilize flatter slopes, while offering you the option of degrading in a twelve (12) month or a ninety (90) day design.

If your slope, bank, or area is slightly steeper (in the slope range of 2:1 to 3:1) or you are dealing with more a medium-flow level, the Double Net Erosion Control Straw Blanket or the Erosion Control Straw Mats are the way to go. These blankets are manufactured with two nets rather than one, and place straw materials in between these nets for solid and consistent support.

Have a slope that is a little steeper? Also available are Double Net Coir Blankets made with 100% coconut fiber. These nets have a life span of approximately thirty-six (36) months, providing you with stabilization that lasts.

For a longer-lasting blanket, the Double Net Poly Erosion Control Blanket is made for permanent installment and can provide you with coverage for more than three (3) years.

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