Hayleys Fibres®

These biodegradable coir fiber products from Haleys Fibres® features geo logs and blankets designed to help stabilize your area and facilitate the growth of vegetation. Perfect for the stabilization of river banks, shore lines, slopes and roadsides, these geo products will provide you with strong and reliable erosion control that is still safe for the environment.

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Coir Geo Blankets
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Coir Geo Logs

Geo Blankets and Logs

Depending on the type of erosion control you are looking for, different Hayleys Fibres® products are can offer more or less support. For flat stabilization along steeper slopes, banks or along highways the Geo Blanket is an excellent choice. Made with coconut or straw fibers that have been connected to nets, this coir blanket can provide you with flat and effective support.

For stabilization that needs a little more height, the Geo Coir Logs feature similar coir fibers, but are encased in a solid and durable log form. Helping to meet your site requirements, logs can be made to different dimensions, filled with a specific density of materials, and made with fibers that will degrade in a certain time frame.

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Soil Reinforcement Fabric

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Sediment Control