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Natural Products for Sediment and Erosion Control

RoLanka International Inc™ offers natural products that help you control erosion or sediment in your area, reinforce banks and slopes, and facilitate the growth of vegetation. Made with multiple materials such as coir fibers, coconut fibers, and straws, these products can help provide you with the support and strength you need, without bringing harm to the environment.

Working to most appropriately meet your site location and erosion control environments, products are manufactured as items such as wattles, mats, blankets, liners and pillows. Read more..

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Coir Mat 90

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Coir Wattle
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Silt Wattle
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Coir Sediment Control
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Erosion Control Blocks Coir Log Weed Mat
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Coir Matting
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Coir Plantbed

Coir Product Variety

For natural, flat reinforcement along slopes and banks, erosion control mats can be a strong and environmentally friendly way to control sediment and establish plant roots. Different erosion control mats feature the use of the different materials. For instance, mats like the Coir Erosion Control Matting are made with bristle machine spun coir twines, while the Aspen Erosion Control Mat uses aspen wood fibers.

Additionally, for more temporary stabilization or for plants that require a short growth period, Coir Temporary Erosion Control Mats and Temporary Straw Blankets are also available.

Looking for logs or rolls to place around drains and inlets? Items such as the Coir Wattle or Construction BMP Rock Bag are for you! These products feature the same natural fibers and netting, but are made in taller structures to provide a higher barrier for controlling sediment. As a bonus, they can also help keep you in compliance on your site.

Other items offered include Coir Logs that can be used as breakwaters or slope stabilization, Weed Mats that can help stabilize and control weeds as plants are taking root, and Coir Fabric Pillow and Erosion Control Liners for wetland restoration.

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