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SKAPS Industries®

Geotextiles for Separation and Stabilization

SKAPS Industries® offers a selection of woven and non-woven geotextiles that are designed to be used for stabilization, separation, road construction and more. Made with esp geosynthetic materials that offer a high resistance to degradation due to UV rays and biological chemicals found in the ground, these geotextiles are solid and lasting materials that won't let you down.

For woven geotextiles, a variety of tape products are available. Each of these product offers a different tensile strength, allowing you to choose that strength that will be most appropriate for your project or application. Read more..

soil erosion control material
Erosion Control Geotextile:
Non Woven
erosion control geotextile
Erosion Control:
Woven Geotextile M706
geotextiles woven
Woven Geotextiles: W180
200 woven geotextile fabric
Woven Geotextile: W200
Woven Geotextile: W250
geotetile material
Woven Geotextile: W300
woven geotextiles
Woven Geotextiles: W315

Woven Geotextiles


Available here are a selection of woven geotextile fabrics made from the polypropylene material. Geotextile are available with tensile strengths ranging from 180, as in the Woven Geotextile W180, to 315 as featured in the Woven Geotextiles W315 or the W300 Geotextile Material. Great for a variety of applications including construction of roads and railroads, these geotextiles work best when used in stabilization applications.

Also available is an Erosion Control Woven Geotextile that works to help increase the growth of vegetation by allowing water to flow through.

Other Product Categories:

woven geo textile

erosion control fabric
Soil Reinforcement Fabric

erosion sediment control
Sediment Control

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