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Coconut Fiber Erosion Control for Vegetation & Stabilization


coir mattingI am looking for coconut fiber erosion control to help with erosion along my lake. Originally when we moved in, we removed all the non native vegetation and replanted arrowhead/pickleweed. We were wondering if you had a product that could help us with the erosion of the shores around lake. It is a ski lakes so any products that could help soften the waves would help. We don't want to have to put rocks around the shore line.


Thank you for contacting us! There are a couple of different coconut fiber options you could consider for erosion control along your shoreline. Depending on your slope and water flows, different options may be able to work better than others at establishing growth and stabilization along your shores.

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Options include:

Coir Matting

coir fiber erosion controlOne of the most common options for erosion control along shorelines are the Coir Erosion Control Mats. These coir fiber mats are constructed from the all-natural coir fiber material and can be easily laid down on slopes to stabilize a location and help prevent erosion. Coir mats are available in several different options depending on your slope and water flows including the following:

  • Coir Mat 40: Low flow areas and slopes up to 2:1
  • Coir Mat 60: Medium flow areas and slopes up to 2:1
  • Coir Mat 70: Medium flow areas and slopes up to 3:1
  • Coir Mat 90: High flow areas and slopes up to 3:1

The coir mat design is created to provide openings for installing vegetation and allowing various plants to take root. The opening sizes for these mats will vary depending on their strength, with largest openings residing on the Coir Mat 40 and the smallest on the Coir Mat 90. Additional styles can be created as needed.

Coir Erosion Control Logs

coir erosion control logsFor areas dealing with higher flows or increased stabilization requirements, the Coir Logs can also be used to help control erosion. These logs feature standard diameters of 12", 16" or 20" to help control and stabilize your location. Vegetation may also be planted directly into these logs to help establish growth after the logs have biodegrade.

Coconut Fiber Erosion Control Advantages

Listed here are some additional reasons why this coconut fiber erosion control mat can work for you:

  • Long Lasting: The Coir Mat 40 is a semi-permanent coir product that is designed to last four to six (4-6) years before biodegrading. This can give solid support to your stabilization, allowing your vegetation more time to grow, root, and stabilize.
  • Easy to Reseed: This coconut fiber erosion control mat is wide enough to allow seeding before and after the mat has been installed. This can help ensure that vegetation can grow in your location.
  • Wide Openings: With a larger weave design, this erosion control mat is big enough to provide room for planting plugs and seeding after it has been installed. This makes it easier to continuously seed plants when necessary.
  • Biodegradeable: The coir twine is 100% biodegradeable, keeping it safe for the environment and providing no additional work after installation. It also keeps your shores looking clean and natural.

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