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Coir Weed Control Mat

Question: Hi. I am looking for a coir weed control mat for my back yard areas where I am planting a large shade garden. I am looking for something that can fit in an area that is about 70 feet long and 8 feet wide. Do you have anything?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For weed control, we do offer a Biodegradable Coir Weed Mat that is made from natural coir fibers and can control weeds in a wide range of areas including slopes, yards, and more. These mats are designed to fit around your plants to control weeds on every side of your planted area.

This base of this coir weed mat is made from needle punched mattress coir fiber. This type of construction provides an interlocking design that can suppress weeds and prevent their growth in your vegetated area.


Features for the coir weed mat include several natural and strength-providing items that actively work to control weeds in your planted area. Some of the typical features you could find on this mat include:

  • weed control matNeedle Punched Coir Mattress Fiber: These fibers are a natural product that biodegrades overs time and provides a natural area of control that will not harm surrounding locations and wildlife.
  • Sprayed with Natural Latex: Helping to give this mat increased strength, these fibers are made in an interlocking fashion and then sprayed with a natural latex.
  • 0.4 Inch Thickness: The coir mat is designed with a thickness of 0.4" to provide enough strength to control weeds.
  • 2" Center Cut: The 2 inch cut in the center of this mat allows plants to be placed or planted directly in the middle of the control area. This helps to form a complete surrounding area of control around specific plants and items.

As mentioned before, this mat is designed to biodegrade over a period of one to two years. As this mat biodegrades, it slowly forms a natural mulch that enriches plant roots and soil to contribute to the continued health and growth of your vegetation.

This weed control mat is easy to install and typically requires the use of metal staples or wooden wedge to keep the mat securely in place. This mat has been used in gardens, vegetative areas, and even along slopes.

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