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Biodegradable Weed Mats

Mats for Revegetation and Weed Control

weed matWeed mats are a natural option for locations looking to control the growth of weeds. Made from high strength coconut coir fibers, these mats effectively suppress weed growth without adding harm to the surrounding environment. All mats are typically 0.4" thick and contain a 2" slit in the center for plants or existing vegetation to grow through. This helps areas maintain their growth, while suppressing weeds and other unwanted items.

Similar to erosion control matting, GEI Works' weed mats will effectively biodegrade over extended period of time. Standard matting is designed to biodegrade over a period of one to two years. As the mat degrades, it will blend into the existing environment to help enrich the soil and encourage deep root development.

Weed Mat Features

  • Fabrics: Needle-Punched Mattress Coir Fiber
  • Fibers are Interlocked and Sprayed with Natural Latex
  • Contains a 2" Cut in the Center of the Mat
  • Thickness: 0.4"
  • Installation Materials: Metal Staples or Wooden Wedges

Weed Mat Benefits

  • Suppresses and Controls Weed Growth
  • Biodegrades Over 1-2 years
  • Does Not Harm the Environment or Wildlife
  • Easy to Place and Install With Little Maintenance Required
  • Built in Area for Vegetation or Revegetation
  • Biodegrades to Form Mulch

Weed Mat Technical Specifications

Thickness 0.4" (10 mm)
Unit Weight 2.6 lbs./yd²
Fiber Type Mattress Coir Fiber
Composition Interlocked coir fiber by needle punch with sprayed natural latex.
Available Mat Sizes* 20" x 20" (0.5 m x 0.5 m)
30" x 30" (0.75 m x 0.75 m)
40" x 40" (1 m x 1 m)
Each mat has 2" (5 cm) center cut and a split.
Available Roll Size* 40" x 33' (1 m x 10 m) Rolls

*Must be purchased in container amounts only.

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