Containment Pallets Secondary Storage

8 Drum Workstations

containment pallets secondary
Workstation for Storage of
up to 8 Drums

Containment Pallets Secondary Storage Workstations are a low profile deck designed to store up to eight 55 gallon drums on a single station. Made from a robust polyethylene material, these decks are equipped to handle containment of chemicals, liquids, water and other potentially harmful materials. In addition, each deck is high in UV resistance for use in outdoor or indoor storage locations.

Poly workstations feature a reliable bottom sump and removable top grate to effectively catch and clean spills. Pallets and containment stations are commonly used on industrial sites, businesses and commercial areas to keep sites in compliance with regulations, including EPA 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC, and NPDES.


Drum Workstation Features:

  • Constructed: One Piece of Polyethylene
  • Low Profile Design
  • Large Sump Capacity
  • Heavy-Duty Built-in Grates
  • Edges Made with a Rolled Design
  • Storage Potential: Up to (8) 55 gallon Drums

Drum Workstation Benefits:

  • Removable Grates for Easy Access to Sump
  • Substantial Space for Catching Spills or Leaks
  • Low to the Ground and Out of the Way
  • Can be Connected to Other Units for a Customized Area
  • High Resistance to Rusting and Corroding
  • Easy Loading of Drums onto Unit

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

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8 Drum Workstation Technical Specifications

Part Number



Load Bearing Capacity

Sump Capacity

5110-YE 100" L x 53.25" W x 6" H
(254 cm x 135 cm x 15 cm)
179 lbs.
(81 kg)
8000 lbs.
(3629 kg)
72 gal.
(272 L)
5110-ECO 100" L x 53.25" W x 6" H
(254 cm x 135 cm x 15 cm)
148 lbs.
(62.2 kg)
6000 lbs.
(2722 kg)
72 gal.
(272 L)


8 Drum Workstations are also available in an Economical version. These pallets have all the same features as the standard 8 drum workstation, but are made from 100% recycled materials.


Additional Spill Containment Models

spill containment palletWhile the 8 drum spill pallet can be the perfect option for bulk drum storage, areas often require storage for only one or two storage drums. For these facilities, 2 or 4 drum sumps, pallets or hardcovers may be a better option. These units are designed specifically for small-scale storage and are equipped to safely contain your drums.

View these and other options on our Spill Containment Pallet Page.



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