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Erosion Sediment Control Products

Logs, Wattles, Dewatering Bags, and More

Erosion sediment control is a necessity for any project, job site, or work location where soil or natural vegetation has been disturbed, moved, or cleared. Since these areas are most at risk of pollution due to sediment runoff, erosion and sediment control products are frequently implemented to contain and filter silt. With items like erosion control wattles, logs, silt checks, and dewatering bags, contractors are able to effectively control runoff and keep sites in compliance. Please feel free to browse through the product variety below to find the best options for your location or give us a call at 1-772-646-0597.

Coir Logs and Wattles

Coir Wattle
erosion control coir wattles
Coir Log
coir log
Straw Wattle
straw wattle

Silt Check Dam
Coir Silt Check Dam

Super Wattle
coir wattles

Coir Blocks
erosion control blocks

Gravel Bags
construction bmp

Filter Sock
filter sock

Compost Filter Sock
compost filter sock

Dewatering & Shoreline Control

Dewatering Bags
dewatering bags
Geotextiles Tubes
geotextile tube
Breakwater Geo Tube
geo tube

Erosion Control Fencing

Silt Fence
erosion control silt fence
Wire Back Silt Fence
wire back silt fence
Staked Silt Barrier
silt control fence

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Erosion and Sediment Control Products

Choosing the right silt and erosion sediment control product for your location is often dependant on your project, site conditions, and on site requirements. Please feel free to view the information below to find out more about our products and how they can be used on your site.

Biodegradable Erosion Control Products

erosion control coir wattlesBiodegradable erosion control products are a favorite for both job sites and restoration areas. As a completely natural solution, these products require limited maintenance and are able to biodegrade and enrich the surrounding areas. Available options include the following:

Erosion Control Wattles:

  • Interior: Coir, Straw or Wood Fiber
  • Outer Netting Material: Jute or Coir Twine
  • Facts: Less Densely Packed than Coir Logs
  • Uses: Streams, Check Dams, Drains, Inlets or Construction Sites.

coir logErosion Control Logs:

  • Interior Fabric: Mattress Coir
  • Exterior Netting: Coir Twine
  • Densely Packed Logs
  • Uses: Hills, River Banks, Streams, Lake Shores, Construction Sites

Erosion Control Mats:

  • Materials: Coir, Straw, or Wood Fiber
  • Stabilize Locations until Vegetation can take Root
  • Biodegrade over Time
  • Uses: Hills, Banks, Shorelines

Biodegradable erosion sediment control products are typically used for either perimeter control, filtration or sediment containment around your facility. Often used in front of drains or along banks and hills, these products can provide effective stabilization without creating long-lasting maintenance or disposal requirements.

Do you have questions about coir? Visit the Coir Products FAQ.

Erosion Control Fencing & Dewatering Bags

Synthetic materials, such as dewatering bags or silt fencing, are commonly used for areas with higher demands or increased sediment storage requirements.

dewatering bagsSediment Filter Bags:
The sediment filter bag is frequently used around construction sites, collection ponds, or dredging areas to filter water or runoff. Bags can be made in compact sizing or in large dewatering tubes depending on the requirements of your location.

Erosion Control Fencing

erosion control silt fenceThe erosion control silt fence is one of the most commonly used options for retaining sediment and controlling silt in your location. Typical options include the following:

Want to build your own erosion control wall with bags? Check the Bulk Bags page.

Other Product Categories

erosion control mattingErosion Sediment
Control Matting

woven geotextiles Woven Geo Textiles

erosion control blanketErosion Control Blankets

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