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Flood Barriers and Construction Dewatering

boat ramp installationA cofferdam is a temporary structure extensively utilized in construction, primarily for two key purposes: dewatering and flood protection. In construction, cofferdams are deployed to create dry, controlled workspaces within submerged or waterlogged areas. They play a crucial role in projects like bridge construction, pipeline installation, and foundation building by excluding water and enabling safe and efficient work.

Additionally, cofferdams serve as an essential tool for flood protection, effectively stemming the ingress of rising floodwaters to safeguard properties, infrastructure, and communities from potential damage and deluge during flood events.


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Cofferdam Features


Cofferdams feature several essential attributes like their ability to create a temporary, watertight enclosure in submerged areas, ensuring a dry and controlled workspace for underwater tasks. Also, they can be quickly installed and effectively dewatered. Additionally, they are often reusable and designed for durability, making them a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. Other Cofferdam features includes:

  • Crafted using multiple tiers of industrial-grade vinyl-coated polyester
  • Includes floatable fill caps and drain caps for your convenience
  • It incorporates a specialized internal baffle system to enhance stability

Cofferdam Benefits


Cofferdams offer several advantages in flood barriers and construction projects. They create dry workspaces in underwater or submerged areas, enhancing safety and efficiency. They are also cost-effective and save time, reducing project expenses. With their versatility and ability to control water flow, cofferdams are crucial for various applications, from bridge construction to pipeline repairs, ensuring quality work in challenging aquatic environments. Other Cofferdam benefits includes:

  • Can be rapidly installed by just one or two individuals
  • Leaving no mess behind
  • Offers complete flood protection through overlapping sections and is easily repairable
  • Effectively extending the barrier's lifespan

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Inflatable Dam Water Installation

These Flood Barriers offer quick and easy installation. All you need to do is unroll them and fill them with a hose. Compared to alternative flood barrier styles, they can be deployed 3 to 5 times faster and are engineered for robustness, allowing for approximately 10-15 uses. Protecting your property from the perils of flooding has never been more crucial. With these specially crafted water-inflated dams, you can encircle your premises more rapidly and with fewer personnel than traditional methods like sandbags or other flood protection barriers. Cleanup is also significantly more efficient, and they conveniently fold up for compact storage and transport. For additional information, please refer to the Instruction Manual (pdf).

Common Installation Angles

temporary flood temporary flood temporary flood

Overlap Requirements

Inflated Height Standard Overlap Length 90° Overlap
2' 3' 4.5'
3' 4.5' 6.75'
4' 6' 9'
5' 7.5' 11.25'
6' 9' 13.5'
7' 10.5' 15.75'
8' 12 18'

Other Dewatering Products

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