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Erosion Control Bags for Coastal Protection

I would like some information involving your erosion control bags or any other product that can help erosion control bagswith coastal erosion. We are perched up on a hillside that took a pounding back from Hurricane Floyd and Michelle in the late 90's and early 2000's. We need to "rebuild" the lower area of the hillside so the waves don't continue to erode the cliff face and I'm not sure which product is the best to use. I was thinking maybe some of the geotubes or geo bags?

Good morning! Thank you for your inquiry! To stabilize coastal shorelines, one of the most frequently used products is the Breakwater Geotextile Tube. This geotextile product is placed along the shores to help trap soil and prevent any further erosion.

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How does this product work?

Essentially, this product works as a dewatering or sediment removal filter. When placed on its own, the bag would trap sediment and sludge and allow only clear water to flow through. This would effectively trap soil and sediment to clean out water areas.

This is ideal for use on shorelines because it traps the sand and particles you need to prevent shoreline erosion. This will form and extra layer of your shore while continually preventing sand to leave the coast area. Additionally, because this bag is designed to filter water, waves will naturally flow in and out along the coastline without being affected or inhibited by the tube.

What are the advantages of using this geotube on my shores?

  • Shoreline Erosion Prevention: Using the geotube along your shores serves as a natural barrier to protect coastlines. It holds up well during storms and greatly reduces the risk of erosion.
  • Available in Earth Tones: This allows the tube to blend right in to your sandy shoreline making protection look natural.
  • Made from Durable Materials: The geotube's construction is well suited for constant water, sand, and outdoor exposure.
  • UV Stabilized: This added protection helps the tube to hold up during constant exposure or use in sunlight.
  • Economical and Natural Looking: As opposed to concrete structures, this tube has a pleasant, natural look. It is also far less costly than its concrete alternatives.

What is the Breakwater Erosion Control Bag made of?

Materials used of the geotube include woven goetextile polypropylene or polyester fabric. It is designed in geotextile samplemany different sizes depending on the amount of volume the tube needs to hold or the height you desire for your shoreline protection.

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