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Erosion Control After the Fire

Post-Fire Water Runoff Control Products

post-fire forestSometimes the most harmful and damaging effects of a forest fire can follow later, after the fire itself has been extinguished. Severe fires remove not only structures and trees, but also bushes, grasses, and root systems that naturally provide erosion control. After the fire, without these root systems in place, there's nothing to hold the soil in place.

Additionally, the fire's extreme temperatures also alter the chemical composition of the topsoil, making it unable to absorb water. The combination of these two factors can make forest fire recovery much more difficult. It's common for untreated areas to suffer from high levels of post-fire runoff (flooding) and even mudslides.

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What to Do After a Wildfire: Controlling Erosion After the Fire

According to the US Forest Service, "After a fire, the first priority is emergency stabilization in order to prevent further damage to life, property or natural resources." Thus, one of the most important first steps in post-forest fire recovery is to make sure that the ground is stabilized as soon as possible. This can be done simply by installing proven measures for erosion control, such as an erosion control blanket, after the fire has been extinguished.

Post-Fire Runoff and Erosion Control Products

Reasons to Stabilize the Soil with Stormwater Runoff Control Products

  • When left unmitigated, erosion can significantly alter the property terrain, even just after one major storm event.
  • Topsoil is expensive to replace.
  • Exposed soil, especially if bordering steep inclines, is subject to extreme erosion, and even mudslides.
  • Without stormwater runoff control products in place, the scorched ground will not absorb rain. This creates a much higher velocity and amount of stormwater runoff, contributing to flooding of the property and the surrounding community.
  • Also as a result of not having post-fire stormwater runoff control products in place, soil, pollutants, and debris from the scorched areas wash downstream. This pollutes the local water systems, often making them unsafe for human and animal use. The stormwater runoff can also quickly destroy the ecosystems of the rivers and lakes that the stormwater feeds into.

Post-Fire Stormwater Runoff Control Products

Deciding exactly which post-fire runoff control products you need, and what to do with them, can be overwhelming. Let our consultants advise you on the various product benefits and limitations. They can assist you in determining which erosion control products are best for your project's success, at a price that fits into your budget.

After the Fire: Stormwater Runoff Control Products

geotextiles laid out
  • Erosion Control Blanket for biodegradable coverage that prevents wildfire erosion and helps new plants take root.
  • Straw Wattles are another form of biodegradable wildfire erosion control.
  • Silt Fencing is temporary but sturdy fencing that keeps the sediment from leaving the fenced area.
  • Geotextile Fabrics for additional soil stability, used in conjunction with other erosion control and storm water runoff products.

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