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Hello. I am looking for a polypropylene erosion control mat for use in a high flow area. Do you have anything?

polypropylene erosion control matThank you for contacting us! For high flow areas a great choice is our Polypropylene Erosion Control Blanket. This erosion control mat has been designed for long-term or permanent erosion control and can be used on slopes that are 1:1 or higher. It has often been used in high flow channels, streams, and other water locations.

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This highly durable erosion control mat is ideal for tough or demanding erosion control jobs. Some of the many features found on this mat include:

  • erosion control blanketTwo Layers of UV Stabilized Netting
    • Top Layer: Polypropylene 5 lbs/1000 MSF
    • Bottom Layer: Polypropylene 3 lbs/1000 MSF
  • UV Stabilized Black Degradable Thread
  • Thread Spacing: 1 1/2"
  • Green or Tan Color Option
  • Lifespan: Permanent
  • Matting Material: 100% UV Stabilized Polypropylene Fiber
  • Thickness: 0.5"
  • Standard Blanket Dimensions: 75 sq. yards
  • Unvegetated: Exceeds 3.00 psf at 1/2" soil loss
  • Vegetated: Exceeds 10 psf



This polypropylene erosion control mat is designed for tough reinforcement jobs and offers many advantages during its use. Some of these advantages include:

  • Tough Exterior: The tough exterior found on this blanket has allowed it to be used in several demanding or long-term erosion control conditions. Areas this polypropylene mat has been found includes:
    • Slopes 1:1 or greater
    • Shorelines
    • High Flow Channels
    • Other High Flow Water Locations
  • Tan or Green Color Options: These natural colors allow the erosion control material to blend in naturally with its surroundings to match your worksite or job area.
  • Permanent Control: While many coir or erosion control materials biodegrade over time, these polypropylene mats are built for extended use and are often used in areas that require long-term or permanent control.

We also offer a wide variety of other erosion control matting and blanket materials including coir mats, straw mats, and aspen wood mats.

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