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Dewatering Bags

Sediment Filter Bags

dewatering bagsDewatering Bags are a small and economical solution for any site dealing with storm water runoff, dewatering, or filtration. Easy to install, use, and empty, these bags help remove sediment so that flows from your site remain clear and free from debris. Bags have been effectively used on construction sites, dredging locations, ponds, or in other areas dealing with polluted water.

Silt bags are constructed from an eight ounce (8 oz.) or ten ounce (10 oz.) non-woven filter fabric that effectively removes items as water filters through the material. Each bag features a single port that can accommodate hoses up to 4" in diameter. View Sizing Information for options on bag size, capacity and more.

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  • Material: Non-Woven Geotextile (8 oz. or 10 oz.)
  • Inlet: Accommodates Pipes or Hoses up to 4 inches
  • Standard and Custom Sizes Available
  • Sizing


Typical Erosion Control Applications:

  • Site Dewatering
  • Pumping in Trenches
  • Sediment Removal in Small Ponds
  • Dewatering on Municipalities or Power Plants
  • Construction Site Runoff Filtration

Have a large dewatering or sludge removal project? Need extra containment in your bags? Check out the Dewatering Geotextile Tube. Larger in size and capacity, these tubes are able to store significant amounts of material in a single storage container.

Filter Bag Technical Specifications

Standard Sizes

Non Woven Filter Fabric

Filter Properties* Capacity Guide**
Cubic Yards/Bag
6' x 6' 8 oz. 80 gpm/sq.ft. 1.44
6' x 6' 10 oz. 60 gpm/sq.ft. 1.44
15' x 10' 8 oz. 80 gpm/sq.ft. 6
15' x 10' 10 oz. 60 gpm/sq.ft. 6
15' x 15' 8 oz. 80 gpm/sq.ft. 9.6
15' x 15' 10 oz. 60 gpm/sq.ft. 9.6
15' x 20' 8 oz. 80 gpm/sq.ft. 12
15' x 20' 10 oz. 60 gpm/sq.ft. 12
15' x 25' 8 oz. 80 gpm/sq.ft. 15
15' x 25' 10 oz. 60 gpm/sq.ft. 15

*Flow rates are based on fabric ratings at the time of manufacturing. During a dewatering process, times may slow depending on the sediment content of your water and bag size. Please contact our sales team to discuss pumping
rates for the duration of your project.

**Capacity is estimated only and is intended as a guide to users. Volume per bag is dependant on soil composition,
site conditions, and use. Information is provided in good faith. Actual field trial are the only true bench mark for site specific results.

Dewatering Bag Disposal

Standard procedure for disposing of dewatering bags involves a process of cutting open the bag and remove/disposing of the sediment. If soil contents are contaminated or should not be disposed of in the area, bags can also be placed in dump trucks, box trucks or dumpsters for easiest transportation to a disposal site.

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