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About Erosion Control Products

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The Power of Solutions

We are a company committed to helping you find the right solution for your product. We realized a long time ago that every project is unique in its design, location and requirements. Rather than try to force your project settings to fit a specific product, we work with consultants and manufacturers around the world to produce and provide you with products that match your needs.

Our Mission: Innovative Solutions for a Cleaner World

Our mission when starting this company was to provide customers with an alternative way of getting their projects completed. While construction, mining, fracking, and industrial projects will always occur, we work to provide you with products that will make your process more time efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

We started in the construction/industrial field and brought innovative products to help control silt, debris, and keep areas clean. As we grew, we expanded our reach to include product solutions for oil, gas, and mining applications and various types of waste water containment and control. We now provide these products to customers around the world working on various projects in multiple site conditions.

What Does Providing Product Solutions Mean?

Providing innovative solutions is more than just a catch phrase for us. We recognize that every project, job, budget, requirements and/or surroundings are not the same. Neither are our product solutions. In addition to offering thousands of variations in sizes, styles, and capacities for our products, we also consult with our team and technical experts globally to help find the best solution for your exact project needs.

The best innovative solutions also means finding more efficient ways of achieving the same goal. If we know of a more cost-effective, time efficient, or environmentally friendly way of getting your project done, we will provide it to you. Our team is constantly saving companies thousands by offering different solutions that meet your same need.

Erosion Control Solutions

From inception, one of our main goals has been to provide our customers with effective ways at controlling erosion. To accommodate the slopes, conditions, and elements in our customers' varying locations, we provide products made from a wide range of mats & blankets made from materials including coir, straw, polypropylene & aspen wood. Helping to save you in time, money, and energy, many of these products are biodegradable removing the need for removal after installation.

We also realized that many of you are addressing different problems. While some need a geotextile that can stabilize roads during construction, others need ones that can help facilitate vegetative growth. For this reason, our product selection ranges not only in material, but also in tensile strength, flow rate, and duration. We are committed to working with you to find the perfect geotextile, mat, log, or wattle for the conditions you are faced with in your location.

Our Promise to You

As a company committed to product solutions, we put a lot of time and care into our customers. Rather than offering you only one product, we listen to your concerns and requirements and work with you to find the best solution for your location.

We are also in this for the long haul. Our service does not stop after a purchase order, but extends to help you throughout the process until the project is complete. When a standard size won't work in your location, we make a better fit. When you're unsure of which product will work best for your application, we listen and work with you to find the best option. We are always standing by and ready to assist you in any way we can.

What Product Solutions Do We Offer?

Our company offers a wide range of products to fit multiple needs and requirements. Our listing includes but is not limited to:

  • Coir, Straw, Aspen Wood, and Excelsior Mats for Erosion Stabilization and Control
  • Erosion Control Blankets for use Around Slopes, Channels, Banks, and Roads
  • Woven Geotextiles for Stabilization/Separation Applications
  • Wattles and Tubes for Sediment Control
  • Dewatering Bags for Safe Cleaning Operations
  • Geotextiles for Reinforcement and Vegetation Facilitation
  • BMPs for Stormwater Management

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