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Citrus Grove Erosion Control

Natural Erosion Control Products for Sediment

orange citrus groveQuestion: Hello, I am looking for citrus grove erosion control. I am having a significant problem with soil erosion in my grove, and I am looking for a natural way to control this problem. What would you suggest for this application?

Answer: For natural erosion control in your groves, one option you may consider is a type of coir matting. These mats, sometimes referred to as coir geotextiles, have been used to line slopes and river banks to prevent further erosion of the surrounding soil. Coir mats can be made in several different strengths often depending on the weight and weave opening on your mat.

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Coir Mat Styles and Advantages

natural erosion controlStyles for the coir mats will typically use an open weave design to allow the mat to remain stabilized on the ground. Depending on the specific requirements for your location, this may include materials with a large or small weave opening.

Since you are planning to use this for citrus grove erosion control, there are a couple of advantages a coir mat can offer for your areas. These would include:

  • Natural Erosion Control
  • Reliable Soil Reinforcement
  • High Strength for Areas with Significant Erosion
  • Brings no Additional Harm to the Environment
  • Biodegrades to Enrich Soil
  • Strengths Available for Slopes and Water Flows
  • Lasts on Average 4-to-6 years
  • Plants or Seeds can be Inserted Before or After Installation

Natural Erosion Control Matting Options

erosion control straw blanketsIn addition to the coir matting shown above, we also offer several additional natural materials that can be used for temporary or short-term erosion control. Depending on the conditions in your area, you may find that these options better fit your citrus grove erosion control needs.

  • Straw Matting: These erosion control mats will typically be lighter in weight and equipped for less demanding conditions. This is a great option for short-term erosion control or areas with limited erosion problems.

  • Double-Net Straw Blankets: If you are looking for straw but require something with more strength, a double
    -net straw blanket can be a good choice. This blanket will use the same inner straw, but remain doubly
    reinforced with two nets.

  • Coconut/Straw Blends: Coconut straw blends can also be a good option for erosion control. These mats include a mixture of straw and coconut fibers for increased strength.

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Natural Erosion Control Sizes and Weights

coir mat 90Choosing a mat will depend on a lot of different factors, but most are chosen based on either weight, slope steepness, or water flow.

The following can be used as a general guide for differentiating between coir mats:

  • Coir Mat 100
    • Weight: 30 oz/square yard
    • Recommended Slope: 1:1 or greater
    • Recommended Maximum Flow: Up to 17 fps
  • Coir Mat 90
    • Weight: 26.5 oz/square yard
    • Recommended Slope: Up to 1:1
    • Recommended Maximum Flow: 16 fps
  • Coir Mat 70
    • Weight: 20.6 oz/square yard
    • Recommended Slope: 2:1 or 1:1
    • Recommended Maximum Flow: 12 fps
  • Coir Mat 40
    • Weight: 11.8 oz/square yard
    • Recommended Slope: 3:1 or less
    • Recommended Maximum Flow: 8 fps

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