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Jute Erosion Control Blanket

I am looking for a jute erosion control blanket that I can use for soil stabilization while I plant new vegetationjute erosion control blanket in the area. Do you have an erosion control blanket like this available?

For the type of erosion control you have mentioned, the closest option we have available in the Coir Geo Blanket with Jute Netting. These erosion control blankets feature both a top and bottom layer of jute netting with a coconut fiber or straw mix filling. This combination of materials are effective in providing control and stabilization along slopes, riverbanks, and other erosion control applications.

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The erosion control jute netting blanket is designed for stabilization applications and features a variety of different materials to help protect your area from riverbank or shore stabilization. Some of the many features found in this blanket include:

  • Base Material Options:
    • Coir Fiber
    • Rice Straw
    • Mixture of Coir & Rice Straw
  • Netting Material Options:
    • Polypropylene Netting
    • Jute Netting
    • Woven Geotextile Netting
  • Thread Material Options:
    • UV Stabilized Polypropylene
    • Jute Thread
  • Typical Coir Blanket Sizes:
    • 2.4 m x 50 m
    • 2.0 m x 30 m
    • 2.0 m x 50 m


Some of the many benefits offered by these erosion control blankets include the following:

  • jute erosion control blanketSoil Stabilization: The design of these blankets helps to increase soil stabilization in the area, making it easier to support plant life and allow new vegetation to take root.
  • Erosion Control: The increased surface support offered by these blankets helps to prevent erosion control in area. These blankets have been known to make riverbanks more stable while increasing support in the are during construction and road work.
  • Versatile: The jute erosion control blanket has a natural, yet durable design that has been used in several different locations including some of the following:
    • Construction Site Stabilization
    • Riverbank Support
    • Soil Stabilization for Vegetation
    • Slope Stabilization

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