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Soil Stabilization Products for
Banks & Slopes (South Carolina)

Woven Geotextiles for
Soil Stabilization

Question: I am looking for soil stabilization products to help stabilize areas around my stream. I was looking at your geotextiles but I'm not sure which would be best. Can you help?soil stabilization products

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! A good option for soil stabilization is one of our many Woven Geotextiles. Made in a variety of sizes and strengths, these geotextiles are an economical option for stabilizing soil around your banks or slopes in your area.

These geotexiles are made from woven polypropylene, offering you a high resistance to both UV and chemicals that are found in the soil. This allows you to place these stabilization products around your stream without fear of them wearing down due to sun exposure or other chemical substances. It also builds a high protection from mildew & insects, providing you with stronger banks and more erosion control.

As a strong and durable substance, these woven geotextiles are also ideal for soil separation, water filtration and ground reinforcement. This allows you to build a strong base along your banks, reinforcing them and making them strong for use in the future. Woven geotextiles are also incredibly economical, building you a strong support system without breaking the bank.

While these woven geotextiles will work to reinforce your banks on their own, your banks can be additionally improved by adding vegetation. When trying to control erosion, vegetation is an ideal way to create stabilization. Vegetation allows roots to form in your soil, creating a more stabilized area and preventing further erosion control.

Woven geotextiles on this site have a grab tensile strength ranging anywhere from 180 to 310 lbs. The grab tensile strength of a geotextile is determined through testing which pulls the fabric in opposite directions until it breaks. This provides a rough estimate as to the effective strength of a product while it is in use.

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