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Steep Slope Erosion Control

I am in need of steep slope erosion control. I have a very steep hill that runs the width of my backyardsteep slope erosion control mat (about 50 feet) that is eroding. It is level at the top of the hill (property line) and level at the bottom of the hill but the middle is fairly steep. I am looking for something that can be installed across the slope surface to support mulch and growing medium. My additional questions would be, can you plant through this mat? How is it installed?

One of the best options for the kind of erosion control and vegetation you are looking for would be an Erosion Control Mat. These natural materials are designed with an open weave that allows for seeding both before and after installation. In addition, coir is a completely natural material that will biodegrade over time. This will work to further enrich your area as vegetation is taking root.

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Erosion Control Mats for Steep Areas

In terms of coir matting, the strongest option for steep slopes would be the Coir Erosion Control Mat 90. This material is high in strength, long-lasting, and has been successfully used on slopes up to 1:1.

Features for this Coir Mat Include:

  • Dry Tensile Strength:
    • Machine Direction 2024 lbs/ft
    • Cross Direction 1160 lbs/ft
  • Wet Tensile Strength:
    • Machine Direction 1776 lbs/ft
    • Cross Direction 936 lbs/ft
  • Thickness: 0.35 inches
  • Open Weave Size: 0.3" x 0.5"


The coir mat is designed with an open weave (shown above 0.3" x 0.5") that will allow for seeds or plants to be installed directly through the material. Planting vegetation is often recommended and is one of the easiest ways to create long term erosion control solution.

You can plant seeds before coir mat installation and allow vegetation to grow through the blanket, or you can plant seeds after installation directly through the weave openings.

Installation of a Coir Mat

For steep slope erosion control mats, installation will include a long term method of seeding and trenching. Mats will usually be installed with staples, especially in areas of the mat where there is overlapping of material. For more information on this procedure, please feel free to check out the Coir Installation Mat.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.