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Temporary Erosion Control Matting

Short Term Straw Blankets

temporary erosion control mattingTemporary erosion control matting is an easy and natural way to stabilize your area for plant and vegetative growth. For short term erosion control, one of our most popular erosion control mats is the straw blanket. These blankets are designed to last anywhere from 90 days to 2 years.

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Straw Matting Design

temporary erosion control mattingThe straw erosion mats are made from a biodegradable straw material and are available in either a single or double net design. Unlike items such as coir, these mats are able to biodegrade at a faster rate that is perfect for shorter term erosion control applications. Design of these blankets includes the following:

  • Wheat Straw Fibers
  • Photodegradable Netting (Single or Double)
  • Sold by the Roll

As mentioned above, these straw mats are available with either a single or double net design. Single netting blankets will typically biodegrade over a shorter period of time, making them perfect for locations with short term erosion control requirements. View all Straw Temporary Erosion Control Matting.

Typical Straw Blanket Applications

straw erosion control matsErosion control blankets are made with a temporary design that allows them to be used to in various locations including the following:

  • Low Flow Channels
  • Roadside Erosion Applications
  • Locations with Even or Lower Slopes
    (3:1 or less)
  • Temporary Erosion Areas

Each blanket is designed to biodegrade at different levels depending on water, wind, soil and other factors in your area.

Additional Erosion Control Types

excelsior matsIn addition to straw erosion control blanket, there are several additional materials that may be able to work for erosion control in your location. These items would include the following:

  • Straw/Coconut Fiber Blends
  • Wood Fiber Matting
  • Aspen Wood Mat
  • Jute Matting

These materials are similarly low in their lifespan and are able to be effectively used as temporary erosion control. For longer term erosion control, please check out our Coir Erosion Mat Variety. Made from coir twine, these mats are able to provide an extended lifespan that allows the mats to last for anywhere from 4-6 years.

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