Polypropylene Erosion Control Blanket

Landlok® 407

erosion control blanket-specifications
Landlok® 407

The Polypropylene Erosion Control Blanket, also known as the Landlok® 407, is a high strength blanket designed to facilitate accelerated vegetative growth for short term erosion control. Rows on the blanket feature a polypropylene material that is woven into a matrix. This helps to hold seeds and soil in place until vegetation is able to take root.

This polypropylene blanket is ideal for use on moderate slopes and will typically degrade over a period of one year. This makes the material environmentally friendly, light in weight and easy to use. Blankets typically feature a weight of 2.2 oz/sq. yd. and natural colors to blend into their surrounding environment.

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  • High Strength Polypropylene Mesh
  • Short Term Degradable: 1 Year
  • Flexible, Open Weave Design
  • Polypropylene Photodegradable Spun and Tape Yarns

  • Accelerates Vegetation Growth
  • Holds Seeds and Soil in Place
  • Stable Matrix Design
  • Degradable
  • Functional Longevity
  • Natural Looking Fabric

Typical Erosion Control Applications:

  • Moderate Slopes
  • Low to Moderate Erosion Control Applications
  • Vegetation Growth

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Landlok 407 Technical Specifications

Property Test Method English Metric
Mass/Unit Area ASTM D-6475 2.2 oz/yd2 75 g/m2
Tensile Strength (Grab) ASTM D-6818 460 x 250 lbs 6.7 x 43.7 kN/m
Elongation ASTM D-6818 30 x 40% 30 x 40%
Functional Longevity Observed Up to 12 Months Up to 12 Months
Roll Sizes 12.5 ft x 432 ft 3.81 m x 131.7 m

permanent erosion matsLooking for a long-term polypropylene erosion control blanket? In addition to the blanket featured here, we also offer high strength matting that includes turf reinforcement mats. Rather than biodegrading over a short period of time, these mats are designed for long-term/permanent control to stabilize areas for extended periods of time. View these and other erosion control options on our Erosion Control Matting Page.


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