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Coir Logs

Bank Stabilization for Rivers & Streams

Hello. I am looking for those coir logs bank stabilization products. I need one made of the bristle coir coir logstwine and I need it to help control the erosion along my shoreline. Do you have anything that can help me with this?

Thank you for contacting us! For stabilization of banks or shorelines, we do offer an Erosion Control Log that can effectively be used for the stabilization or structural support along your water area. These coir logs are made in a two inch by two inch (2" x 2") tubular design and are densely packed to effectively control and manage your water area.

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Coir logs are extremely reliable in their design and are often used as a way to help stabilize and support river banks and shore lines. Features include:

  • coir erosion control logsAvailable Diameters: 12 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches (12", 16", 20")
  • Typical Lengths: 10 feet (10')
  • Density:
    • 12" Logs: 7 pounds per cubic foot (7 lbs/cu.ft.)
    • Other Options: 9 pounds per cubic foot (9 lbs/cu.ft.)
  • Outer Net: Bristle Coir Twine Net (2" x 2")
  • Inner Core: Mattress Coir Fibers

Made from the bristle coir fiber, these erosion control logs are a natural way to provide support along your banks or stream lines. Coir is an extremely durable yet natural fiber that is often used for erosion control that involves vegetating your area.

If using the coir log with some form of vegetation, these plants are often placed around or even on top of the log itself to provide natural support while plants take root.


The benefits to these erosion control logs include the following:

  • Logs Can be Joined Together: Coir logs can be easily joined together to form your desired coir log length. This allows you to place the coir log along your entire river bank to provide a constant barrier and stabilization wall.
  • Resists Flowing Water: The coir erosion control log is designed to hold up against flowing water. This means that it can be easily placed along stream banks or rivers without wearing down too quickly.
  • Long-Lasting: These logs are designed with a densely packed interior that provides long-lasting support for your location. This helps create a firm support system for building up banks and shores for extended control against erosion.

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