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Coir Logs for River Banks

Question on Coir Logs for River Banks: Hello. I am looking for coir logs or some other type of erosion control fabric that I can use for stabilization along a river bank. I was wondering if this was something that you might have available. Also I was wondering if there was any way to determine what size of log I required. Is there another product that can help with this application?

Answer: For the type of erosion control you are requesting, Coir Logs are the perfect choice for bank stabilization and other applications. These logs are installed along the banks to help create a firm foundation for stabilization and other erosion control applications.

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Determining Coir Log Sizes

coir logTo determine coir log sizing, we typically ask customers to consider their application and the type of conditions in which these logs will be used. Some conditions you will want to consider have included:

  • Slope Size (3:1, 2:1 etc.)
  • Water Flows (How fast is the water flowing?)
  • Desired Application (What kind of control are you looking to achieve?)
  • Duration of the Project
  • Vegetation Needing to be Planted

Coconut coir logs will typically be 10 feet in length and have a diameter of either 12, 16 or 20 inches in diameter. The diameter may vary, as well as the anchoring spacing depending on your location.

Additional River Bank Erosion Control Options

erosion control matsIn addition to the coir logs, another erosion control option you may consider is using one of our Erosion Control Mats. Made from the same materials, these products are extremely high in strength and are often used for slope or bank stabilization applications. Coir Mat options:

  • Different Weights for Slopes up to 1:1 or Flows up to 16 fps
  • Woven Construction for Planting Vegetation
  • Biodegradable over 4 to 6 years

These coir mats can be installed along the riverbanks to help with several different applications. These erosion control mats have also commonly been installed along slopes and other locations to help control erosion and help with the reestablishing of vegetation in the area.

Questions on coir logs for river banks? Please give us a call @ +1-772-646-0597 and our team will be happy to help you.