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Geotextile-For Erosion Control

Polyprop Geotex® 6 x 1

Geotex® 6 x 1

Geotex® 6 x 1 is a strong, reliable and long lasting geotextile-for erosion control. The uniquegeotextile-for erosion control woven design combines polypropylene slit tape yarns (fill) with high tenacity polyester multifilament (warp) for a superior strength you can’t find in just any ordinary woven geotextile. This structural feature, along with its resistance to rot, chemical and UV degradation makes this product a very practical solution among contractors.

These erosion control geotextiles are commonly used on steep end slopes because of their high tensile strength and low elongation. They have also been used in applications like retaining structures, lagoon closures, landfills and embankment reinforcement.

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  • Polypropylene Slit Tape Yarns (fill)
  • High Tenacity Polyester Multifilament (warp)
  • Individually Woven Yarns for Added Strength
  • Low Elongation


  • Resistant to UV, Chemical, and Biological Degradation
  • Long Term Lifespan
  • More Effective and Economic than Other Geotextile Types
  • Uniquely Strong

Typical Geotextile-For Erosion Control Applications:

  • Retaining Structures
  • Lagoon Closures
  • Embankment Reinforcement
  • Steep End Slopes
  • Landfill Geomembrane Liners
  • Wrapped-Face Retaining Walls
  • Modular Block Retaining Walls

Geotex® 6 x 1 Technical Specifications

Property Test Method English Metric
Tensile Strength (Grab) ASTM D-4632 650 lbs 2890 N
Wide Width Tensile ASTM D-4595 7200 lbs/ft 105.1 kN/m
Wide Width Elongation ASTM D-4595 9% 9%
Wide Width Tensile Strength at 5% Strain ASTM D-4595 3000 lbs/ft 43.7 kN/m
Long-Term Design Strength (LTDS) GRI-GT7 3415 lbs/ft 49.8 kN/m
Puncture ASTM D-4833 90 lbs 400 N
Trapezoidal Tear ASTM D-4533 250 lbs 1110 N
UV Resistance  ASTM D-4355 N/A N/A
Apparent Opening Size (AOS)3 ASTM D-4751 30 US Std. Sieve 0.600 mm
Permittivity ASTM D-4491 0.03 sec-1 0.03 sec-1
Water Flow Rate ASTM D-4491 2 gpm/ft2 80 l/min/m2
Roll Sizes
7.5 ft x 300 ft / 2.29 m x 91.5 m

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