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Polypropylene 2x2 HF

geo texThe 2x2 Geotex ® is the perfect woven fabric option for soil reinforcement and stabilization. Designed to provide long-lasting support in your location, these fabrics have been frequently used as embankment reinforcement over slopes, shores, banks, and other areas prone to erosion.

Similar to our other woven textiles, these fabrics feature a strong exterior that holds up to extended UV exposures, rot, and degradation. Its additionally high resistance to various chemicals has also allowed the fabric to be used in other locations, such as lagoon closures and landfills.

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  • Geotex Specifications
  • Woven Polypropylene Geotextile
  • UV Resistant
  • Resists Degradation due to Chemicals and Biological Elements in the Soil
  • Tensile Strength: 315 lbs. x 315 lbs.
  • Typical Roll Size: 15 ft. x 300 ft.( 4.57 m x 91.5 m)


  • Strong, High Resistance Fabrics
  • Equipped for a Range of Stabilization Activities
  • Safe for Use Under the Ground
  • Can Handle Outdoor Elements
  • Economical
  • Effective Solution

Typical Erosion Control Applications:

  • Reinforcing Soft Soils on Banks or Slopes
  • Landfill Liners
  • Lagoon Closures

Technical Specifications

Property Test Method English Metric
Tensile Strength (Grab)  ASTM D-4632 315 x 315 lbs. 1400 x 1400 N
Elongation  ASTM D-4632 15 x 15% 15 x 15%
Wide Width Tensile ASTM D-4595 2400 x 2400 lbs/ft 35 x35 kN/m
Wide Width Elongation ASTM D-4595 12 x 8% 12 x 8%
Wide Width Tensile Strength at 5% Strain  ASTM D-4595 774 x 1404 lbs/ft 10.8 x 20.5 kN/m
Puncture ASTM D-4833 140 lbs. 622 N
Mullen Burst  ASTM D-3786 800 psi 5510 kPa
Trapezoidal Tear ASTM D-4533 125 x 125 lbs. 556 x 556 N
UV Resistance  ASTM D-4355 80% 80%
Apparent Opening Size (AOS)3 ASTM D-4751 40 US Std. Sieve 0.425 mm
Permittivity ASTM D-4491 0.7 sec -1 0.7 sec -1
Water Flow Rate  ASTM D-4491 50 gpm/ft2 2035 l/min/m2
Roll Sizes
15 ft. x 300 ft./ 4.57 m x 91.5 m

geotextilesFabrics featured here are one of many models and strengths available to control erosion, stabilize soil, and reinforce aggregates in the area. Additional models include woven options, nonwoven filter options, as well as several biodegradable/natural products. For these and other items, check out our Erosion Control Fabrics or Woven Geotextiles.

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