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Geotextile for Check Dams

Erosion Control Geotextiles

Question: Hello. I am looking for a geotextile for check dams. I have some erosion control and have been asked to provide a type II geotextile fabric. Are there any fabrics that you offer that will meet these requirements? Is this a woven or nonwoven geotextile?woven geotextiles

Answer: Geotextile classes typically refers to the use of the AASHTO testing and standards for classification. According to this specification, geotextiles may be placed in one of three classes. These classes are determined based on the elongation and survivability of the geotextile. They are often chosen based the level of demand or pressure that will be placed on the geotextile during installation.

Geotextile Classes/Types

Class I would offer the highest level of strength and would be recommended for harsh or severe jobs. Class III would be the lowest level and would be chosen for locations where conditions are less severe or demanding. Class II, as you have been required to provide, is in the middle and would probably be used locations require some strength, but are not as severe as the class I areas.

Extremely versatile in their strength and use, a class II might include both woven and non woven geotextiles depending on the strength offered by the material. In general, geotextiles are typically chosen based on several different factors including strength, elongation, and filtering properties.

Type II Geotextile Option

woven geotextileOne option for a type II geotextile specification is the 250ST Woven Geotextile. This woven product has been equipped to meet AASHTO M238 Class II Standards. Features for this particular geotextile includes the following:

  • Woven Polypropylene Material
  • Low Elongation
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Chemical, UV, and Rot Resistant

For more options in terms of geotextiles and erosion control, you can check out the Woven Geotextile Page or the Erosion Control Fabric Overview. Both these pages list several different woven and non woven products that may be able to assist you in finding the best geotextile for check dams.

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