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Geotextile for Erosion Control

Geotextile Woven M404

Woven M404

If you need a geotextile for erosion control, this is the perfect solution. This model is designed with fine, fishing line-like mono filament threads woven together to provide superior strength, while still allowing for efficient water geotextile for erosion control flow and permittivity. The versatile M404 fabric performs at its best in drainage or stabilization applications.

These geotextiles for erosion control are effective in any erosion application because they're designed with a perfect balance of separation and strength. With high strength and puncture resistance averages, they also offer a durable, long lasting and economical erosion control solution.

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  • Woven Polypropylene Mono Filament
  • UV Stabilized
  • 100 lb Puncture Resistance
  • 35 gpm/sf Water Flow
  • 0.5 Sec-1 Permittivity


  • Well-Balanced Strength and Separation
  • Resists Ultraviolet Rotting
  • Resists Biological Degradation
  • Chemical Inert to any Natural Bases or Acids

Geotextile for Erosion Control Product - Technical Specifications

Property Test Method

Min Ave Roll Value

Weight (typical) ASTM D5261 5.6 (190) oz/yd2 (g/m2)
Grab Tensile ASTM D4632

370 x 200 (1.65 x 0.889)

lbs (kN)
Grab Elongation ASTM D4632 15 %
Trapezoid Tear Strength ASTM D4533 115 x 75 (0.511 x 0.33) lbs (kN)
Puncture Resistance ASTM D4833 675 (3) lbs (kN)
Water Flow* ASTM D4491 145 (5097) sec-1
Permittivity* ASTM D4491 2.1 gpm/ft2 (l/min/m2)
A.O.S* ASTM D4751 40 (.425) U.S. Sieve (mm)
Percent Open Area ASTM D4751 10 oz/yd2 (g/m2)
UV Resistance ASTM D4355 70/500 %/hrs
Packaging Details
Roll Dimensions (W x L) - ft 12 x 300
Square Yards per Roll 400
Estimated Roll Weight - lbs 155

Common Applications for this Woven Geotextile:

  • Paved / Unpaved Roadway Stabilization
  • Drainage in a Variety of Locations
  • Soil Erosion Security in Landlocked, Coastal, Riverbank Sites.
  • Wind Erosion Prevention
  • Restoration Projects

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If you have any questions about products, feel free to give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.