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Jute Netting

Erosion Control Netting & Blankets

Question: I am looking for jute netting that I can use along my riverbanks for erosion control. Do you have this product?jute matting

Answer: Jute matting is used for various erosion control applications. Jute Mats can include several different matting options including models that are made solely of jute mesh and additional mats that include jute netting surround coir, straw or straw/coco blends. Either option can provide you with a reliable netting that will stabilize areas and help facilitate vegetation. The jute material is derived directly from a high strength plant that provides several different fibers for successful erosion control.

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Jute Mesh

The jute mesh fabric (also known as Jute Netting) is designed for high strength where a firm foundation is required. Jute can be used to line slopes, hillsides, banks and other locations while vegetation is allowed to take root. The jute mesh is typically sold by the roll with several rolls available per bale.

Jute Blanket

One of the best advantages to using a coir geo blanket is its ability to provide you with unified and consistent support. This helps to build a firm foundation for controlling erosion along a bank and re-establishing the growth of vegetation for natural erosion control.

For dealing with soil erosion in various locations, different netting, thread, and base materials are available. Options include:

  • Netting Material:
    • Jute
    • Polypropylene (PP)
    • Woven Geotextile
  • Base Material:
    • Coir Fiber
    • Rice Straw
    • Mixture of Both
  • Thread Material:
    • Polypropylene
    • Jute

Since these materials have a base that is made from all natural coir or straw fibers, they are well equipped to support the ground for enhanced plant growth and root development. Due to its strength and quality construction, this jute erosion control netting is a great way to support the surface of your area.

The Coir Jute Blanket has often been used for the some of the following applications:

  • Slope Stabilization
  • Support in Gardening Applications
  • Stabilization for Roads Under Construction
  • Soil Support
  • Riverbank Erosion Control

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