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Polypropylene Geotextile for Landfill

Geotextile Liners for Support

Question: I am looking for a polypropylene geotextile for a landfill lining. I am currently looking at the geotextile 2 x 2 HF. I was wondering about the technical specifications for this geotextile. In particular, I am looking for the water flow rate and the endurance for this geotextile?

Answer: The geotextile that you have mentioned is a frequent choice for lining of lagoons, landfills, and other reinforcement projects. This geotextile is made using a polypropylene material and offers a high UV resistance. Specifications for these geotextiles include a UV resistance of 80% when tested through ASTM D-4355.

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Polypropylene Geotextile Features

As with a majority of our polypropylene geotextiles, these fabrics feature a woven design that allows them to remain strong and durable over an extended period of time. When used for landfills, these products are designed to offer a high strength that can support the weight of various products.

polypropylene geotextileSome technical specifications for this type of polypropylene geotextile include the following:

  • Grab Tensile Strength: 315 lbs. x 315 lbs.
  • Puncture Test (ASTM D-4833): 140 lbs.
  • Mullen Burst Strength: 800 psi
  • Trapezoidal Tear Strength: 125 lbs. x 125 lbs.
  • UV Resistance: 80%
  • Permittivity: 0.7 sec -1
  • Water Flow Rate: 50 gpm/ft²

Polypropylene Geotextile Line Landfills

The liner material offers a long-lasting strength that can be used to reinforce areas and line landfills. These liners offer a high resistance to gases and other chemicals found in landfills, allowing them to be effectively used for waste containment products.

With thin openings, these woven geotextiles can also be used for the filtering of materials. This helps to provide a stable flow of liquids in your area, while still effectively containing waste or other chemical materials present in your landfill location.

Polypropylene Geotextile Applications List

Advantages several of our customers have found when using this polypropylene geotextile for landfill areas includes some of the following:

  • Economical Landfill Protection and Control
  • Effective Reinforcing of Banks, Slopes, and Fill Areas
  • High Resistance to Degradation
  • Well Equipped to Handle Outdoor Locations
  • High Puncture, Tear, and Tensile Strength
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