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Straw Blankets for Erosion Control

I am in need of straw blankets for erosion control applications involving a small slope. We are looking for a temporary blanket that can help to stabilize the area while different products begin to take root. The plants that we are looking to install here are fast growing so we should not require anything that is too long-term. Is a straw blanket a good choice for this application? Is there a big different between a straw blanket and a straw coco blanket?

straw blankets fsor erosion controlThank you for contacting us! Erosion control blankets are an excellent choice for erosion control in your application. When compared to other erosion control materials, such as a coir mat, the straw blanket has a significantly shorter lifespan and can help temporarily stabilize an area until a material takes root.

Depending on how short term you require your blanket, different blankets may work better than others. We have several different straw blankets equipped to last anywhere from 1-2 years to only 90 days. Determining the right strength may depend on the following:

  • Slope of area needing erosion control
    (steeper slopes may require more strength)
  • Water flow in your area (higher waters may require stronger materials)

In general, straw mats are the ideal option for short term erosion control and are often used in locations require temporary measures or requirements. Do determine the right mat, consider the time frame for your erosion control materials as well as the surrounding conditions.

Straw Mats vs. Straw Coco Mats

erosion control blanketThe main difference between a straw mat and a straw coco mat is terms of the inner components. Straw mats are typically made entirely of a straw materials. This means that inner fills will include the packing of straw.

Straw coco mats, by contrast, will include both straw and a coconut coir components. Due to the high level of strength present in the coir material, this tends to give the mat an extended lifespan for longer terms projects or requirements.

If you are unsure of your application, please give us a call! We would be happy to work with you and discuss your project so we can help figure out the best straw blankets for erosion control for your location.

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