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Coco Straw Matting

Double Net Straw Coco Blend Erosion Control Blankets

Coco Straw Matting offers the perfect blend of strength and stabilization for use on hills, slopes and other erosion control specificationerosion prone areas. Made from a blend of straw and coconut coir fiber, these blankets are equipped to handle areas with slopes up to 2:1 and low to moderate flows.

Standard construction for the straw/coco blankets includes a blend of wheat straw and coconut coir fibers. Similar to a straw blanket, these fibers are typically supported by photodegradable jute netting. This allows the blanket to remain stable during use with vegetative growth, water flows and other erosion prone areas.

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Straw Coco Blanket Features

  • Interior Fabric: 70% Wheat Straw and 30% Coir Fiber
  • Outer Netting: Double Photodegradable Polypropylene Netting
  • Thread: Photodegradable Nylon
  • Life Span: Up to 18 months
  • Specifications

Straw Coco Blanket Benefits

  • Increased Support for Temporary Projects
  • Natural Blend of Wheat Straw and Coconut Coir
  • Equipped for Steeper Slopes, Channels & Medium Flows
  • Stabilizes Soil Until Vegetation can take Root
  • Added Stabilization for Roots

Typical Erosion Control Applications

  • Slope Stabilization on 3:1 to 2:1 slopes
  • Support in or along Medium-Flow Channels
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Road Side Stabilization
  • Channel Support
  • Bank Stabilization

Coco Straw Matting
Erosion Control Specifications

70% Wheat Straw 30% Coir Fiber
Double Polypropylene (photodegradable)
Nylon Photodegradable
Standard Width
8 feet/ 2.44 meters (actual 8' width)
Standard Length
113 feet/ 34.44 meters
100 sq. yards/ 83.6 sq. meters (standard)
Weight (Approx)
53 lbs. / 24.1 kg (0.53 lbs./sq yard)
Medium term, approx 18-24  months
Best use
3:1 to 2:1 slopes
Medium Flow
Thread Spacing
1 1/2 inches

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Erosion Control Accessories

Erosion Control Accessories are a great addition to any site using straw blankets, coir matting or other erosion control materials. Ask about our standard and biodegradable accessory options.

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