Jute Matting

jute matting
Jute Matting

Jute Matting is a natural product designed to offer short-term erosion control in low to moderate areas. Often referred to as jute netting, these mats are constructed with a woven mesh design that provides a large open area for planting and establishing vegetation. This helps to facilitate growth and prevents further erosion from occurring in your area.

Jute mesh is a completely biodegradable product that is constructed from spun jute yarns. Due to the nature of the materials used for the blanket, this matting is ideal for sensitive areas looking to control erosion or facilitate vegetative growth. Standard mats can be used on slopes up to 3:1 and flows up to 6 fps.

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  • Material: Jute Mesh
  • Roll Width: 4 ft.
  • Roll Length: 225 ft.
  • Typical Lifespan: 6-9 months


  • Safe for the Environment
  • Reinforces Ground Areas
  • Helps Plants Root Quickly
  • Works to Control and Prevent Erosion
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Safe for Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Typical Erosion Control Applications:

  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Slope/Hill Side Stabilization
  • Drainage Location Stabilization
  • Stabilizes Backyard Slopes
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Jute Netting Typical Sizing

Material Rolls Size Typical Rolls per Bale
Jute Mesh 4' x 225' 12

Typical Specifications

Open Area 60-65%
Water Absorption > 450% of fabric weight
Thickness 0.25 inch (6 mm)
Recommended Shear Stress 0.45 lbs./sq.ft. (22 N/sq.m)
Recommended Flow 6 fps (1.8 m/s)
Recommended Slope 3:1
Coverage 100 Square yards/roll
Roll Weight 90 Lbs (+/- 5%) 14.7 oz/SY (490 g/m2)


Erosion Control Matting

In addition to the jute mesh shown above, we also offer several other erosion control matting options including straw erosion control mats, coir fiber matting, and wood fiber blends.

straw erosion control blanketsShort-Term Projects: For short-term erosion control projects, the Straw Erosion Control Blanket is a favorite! These blankets feature a typical lifespan anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to temporarily control erosion in your location.

Long-Term Projects: For erosion control projects that are especially long term or used in demanding locations, the Coir Products are often the best available option. These high strength fibers can be used on steeper slopes, higher flow areas, or locations looking for long term erosion control. The typical life span of a coir mat is anywhere from
4 to 6 years.

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Erosion Control Accessories

For stakes, pegs, staples and more check out our store!

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