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Geotubes For Seawalls & Coastal Protection

Breakwater Tubes for Erosion Control

Geosynthetic Sludge DewateringGeotubes for seawalls and coastal protection create a synthetic barrier for you to use along shorelines and beaches to help control erosion. Often referred to as breakwater tubes, these barriers act as the first line of defense against waves and tidal action. As waves crash onto the beaches and shorelines, they hit the seawall, limiting the exposure to beaches and dunes. Geotube seawalls provide coastal defense for canals, bays and other areas, minimizing the eroding impact of waves and helping retain your sand/shorelines.

Our breakwater tubes are made from our specially woven geotextile or composite fabric, engineered to withstand outdoor elements and exposure. This system is designed with close-ended tubular units, attached with filling ports spaced at regular intervals. The durable material and high-strength fabric makes them an excellent choice to protect your home, beachfront properties, or other coastal areas. Our geotubes for coastal protection are available in a variety of lengths and circumferences to accommodate your different erosion control applications.

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Geotube Breakwater Features

  • Geotube Dewatering Shoreline ProtectionMaterial: High Strength Woven Geosynthetic Fabric
  • Accommodates High Water Flow
  • Multiple Lengths and Circumferences Available
  • Designed for A Range of Environmental Conditions
  • Ideal for Breakwaters, Revetments, Dykes and Groynes


Geotube Breakwater Benefits

  • Protects Beaches and Shorelines
  • Helps Reduce Erosion Along Shorelines
  • Protects Homes and Hotels
  • Economical Solution for Beach Protection
  • Reduces Damaging Wave Action Along Shorelines
  • Acts as a Natural Barrier Along Beaches

Standard Erosion Control Applications

  • Geotube Dewatering TubeBreakwater for Hotels and Beach Front Homes
  • Coastal and Marine Construction
  • Land Reclamation
  • Offshore Structures
  • Copper Removal
  • Dewatering in Waste Water Plant
  • Agricultural Compost
  • Dykes and Groynes
  • Revetments
  • Sediment Dewatering
  • Sludge Removal
  • Mining Operations

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Breakwater Tube Technical Specifications

Product Geotube Size Tube Capacity
Woven FW404 7.5' x 300'
FW404 10' x 300'
FW404 14' x 300'
3.25' LF
5' LF
7' LF
Non Woven 4 oz. 6.5' x 360'
6 oz. 11.5' x 360'
8 oz. 6.5' x 360', 11.5' x 360'
3.25' LF
5.7' LF
3.25' LF, 3.25' LF

Geotextile Tubes have also been used for sediment, sludge, and dredging locations.

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