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Coir Wattles

Coir Products Sediment Filtration and Erosion Control

coir wattlesErosion Control Products' coir wattles are 100% biodegradable products commonly used for stormwater filtration and silt and erosion control around construction sites. Packed with coir fibers throughout the erosion control coir wattle, these units allow water to pass through while sediment, silt and other harmful materials are removed.

Coir wattles visibly resemble coir logs, but they are less densely packed, allowing them to filter out sediment as water flows through them. The design makes it an ideal solution for projects looking to reduce water flow, protect construction sites from storm runoff, and restore environmentally-sensitive areas prone to erosion.

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Coir Wattle Features

  • Interior Filling: Double Cleaned Unsorted Coir Fiber
  • Exterior Netting: Coir Twine with Knotted Junctions

Coir Wattle Benefits

  • Easy to Place and Adjust
  • High Filtration of Sediment and Silt
  • Biodegradable
  • Maintains Continuous Water Flow

Standard Erosion Control Coir Wattle Applications

  • Sediment Control Around Circular Drains
  • Barriers around Construction Sites and Entrances
  • BMP Around Drains and Curb Inlets
  • Check Dam

Coir Wattle Technical Specifications

Diameter 6 in (15 cm) 9 in (23 cm)
Length 10 or 20 ft (3.05 or 6.10 m) 10 or 20 ft (3.05 or 6.10 m)
Weight 1.5 lbs/ft (2.23 kg/m) 3.0 lbs/ft (4.46 kg/m)
Density 7 lbs/ft³ 7 lbs/ft³
Inner Core Double Cleaned Unsorted Coir Fiber Double Cleaned Unsorted Coir Fiber
Netting Coir Twine with Knotted Junctions Coir Twine with Knotted Junctions

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