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Construction BMPs

Gravel Bags for Sediment Control

gravel bagsConstruction BMPs like gravel bags from Erosion Control Products offer a quick way to provide support and filtration around storm drains, inlets, curbs, and other construction site locations. Designed for ease of use, the gravel bags can be shipped quickly to your location and filled on site. Standard erosion control rock bags are designed to accommodate as little or as much gravel as required for your location. Each construction gravel bag is a stormwater solution that can be adjusted to meet specific flow, sediment, or filtration requirements.

Gravel bags are made from a woven poly material that offers a high resistance to outdoor areas, UV exposure, water, and other liquids. Bags are available as individually or as a continuous roll with green or orange color options.

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Construction Gravel Bag Technical Specifications

Model Dimensions Quantity
Individual Bags, Orange 19" x 28"
(483 mm x 711 mm)
(250) bags / box
Individual Bags, Green 11" x 48"
(280 mm x 1220 mm)
(250) bags / box
Individual Bags, Green 11" x 96"
(280 mm x 2439 mm)
(125) bags / box
Roll Form, Green (2) rolls 11" x 250 yards each
(280mm x 228.5 m)
Two Continuous Rolls

Construction BMP Gravel Bag Features

  • Material: Woven Poly
  • Color Options: Green or Orange
  • Style Options: Individual Gravel Bags, One Continuous Roll
  • Filled on Site

construction bmp

Construction BMP Gravel Bag Benefits

  • Effectively Filters out Materials
  • Protects Drains from Pollution
  • Keeps Unwanted Materials from Entering the System
  • Economical
  • Easy to Place and Install
  • Strong and Robust Option
  • Rated for Outdoor Elements

Standard Stormwater Control Applications

  • Construction BMP Around Curb Inlets
  • Barriers Around Grates and Drains
  • Construction Site Perimeters

These erosion control rock bags are strong and durable, meeting different water flows at a site. For additional construction BMPs, such as drain guards, drain covers, and inlet guards, please check out our complete Stormwater Solutions.

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