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Erosion Control Wood Mat

The Natural Aspen Wood Mat for Erosion Control

excelsior mattingErosion Control Wood Mats and other styles of erosoin control mats are available at bulk prices and ships to you. These are biodegradable products designed to stabilize ares with moderate erosion control or low flows. Made entirely from aspen wood fibers, our excelsior matting has helped to provide stabilization, support, and coverage around hillsides, banks and shorelines.

Excelsior blankets are constructed from a wood/excelsior matrix that can stabilize locations with slopes up to 3:1 and flows up to 6 fps. For added support, excelsior fibers are placed within a layer of polypropylene netting to help contain the fibers and increase support in your area.

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Aspen Wood Mat Features

  • Construction: 100% Aspen Wood Fibers
  • Netting: Photodegradable Polypropylene
  • Recommended Slope: Up to 3:1
  • Recommended Flows: Up to 6 fps

Aspen Wood Mat Benefits

  • Easy to Install
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Effectively Stabilizes Locations
  • Works to Reliably Establish Vegetative Growth
  • Natural for Environmental Uses
  • Equipped for Moderate Slopes and Flows
  • Short Term Life for Fast Rooting Plants

Standard Erosion Control Mat Applications

  • Slope Stabilization in Low Flow Areas
  • Hillside Stabilization
  • Vegetation Growth and Support

Excelsior Matting Technical Specifications

Roll Width 8 ft. (2.44 m)
Roll Length 90 ft. (27.4 m)
Roll Area 80 SY (67 m²)
Recommended Slope 3:1
Recommended Flow 6 fps (2.1 m/s)
Netting Photodegradable Polypropylene Plastic
Matrix 100% Excelsior Wood Fiber, 0.73 lbs/yd²

Additional Product Information:

Additional Erosion Control Mats

straw erosion matsIn addition to the short term excelsior blankets featured here, we also offer several other options for erosion control and soil stabilization in your area. Solutions include:

  • Single Net Straw Blankets
  • Double Net Straw Blankets
  • Coconut Coir Blankets
  • Straw/Coco Blends

For these other erosion control options, please check out Erosion Control Matting.

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