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Erosion Control Wattles for Construction Project

Hello. I am in need of erosion control wattles for construction project in my area. I am wondering about the available lengths and diameters for these wattles. I require a total l+ength of about 1500 to 2000 linear feet. erosion control wattle for constructionWhat are the standard lengths that a wattle comes in? What is it made out of? I would prefer natural materials.

The Erosion Control Wattle is a highly flexible product that is often used for landscaping, construction or sediment control requirements. Coir wattles can be installed in areas with a low flow to help retain sediment or filter out materials in water. They have been used on construction sites to help direct the flow of water runoff or protect drains from sediment contamination.

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Coir Wattle Features:

coir wattleThe standard erosion control wattles that we offer are products made from an all-natural coir material. This coir fiber is created from coconut husks and cured to help increase the strength offered by your product. This coir fiber is then packed within a bristle coir twine netting to hold short fibers in place, while still providing a natural barrier. Features include:

  • Inside Material: Mattress Coir Fibers
  • Outer Material: Bristle Coir Twine Netting
  • Netting Openings: Typically 2" x 2" in size
  • Standard Diameters: 9" or 12"
  • Standard Lengths: 15 ft. or 20 ft.

In terms of the information you have requested, the coir wattle is available in the standard diameters of either nine or twelve inches (9" or 12"). Choosing your coir diameter can depend on the area you are trying to control, as well as specific inlets or drains you may need to protect.

To achieve the extended length that you have requested, wattles can be joined together using a coir twine material. This helps to create specified lengths along construction areas, drains, or inlets.


Erosion control wattles for construction sites can offer many benefits during their use including the following:

  • Reliable Perimeter around Construction Area
  • Adjustable Lengths
  • Can be Driven Over by Machinery or Vehicles
  • Retains Sediment while Allowing Water to Flow Through
  • Flexible to Fit Around Drains or other Troublesome Areas
  • Environmentally Safe and Biodegradable
  • Quick Installation
  • Joined to Form Almost any Desired Length

The erosion control wattle is most typically installed using wooden wedges and metal staples. These wedges are placed into the ground directly around the coir wattle to hold it in place. Metal staples can be used on the bottom of the wattle to help form it to the ground.

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