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Soil Erosion Control Material

3.5 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile

3.8 oz. Nonwoven

Soil Erosion Control Material, including the nonwoven geotextile featured here, is an easy way to soil erosion control materialstabilize your area, separate aggregates, and filter out sediment. Made from a 100% needle punched polypropylene fabric, these fibers are strong enough to resist UV rays, prevent rot, and filter out unwanted materials.

As a lightweight filter fabric, these geotextiles have been frequently used as paving or asphalt overlay fabric to protect your location. The 3.5 oz. fabric has a needle-punched exterior and features a grab tensile strength of 90 lbs. All fabrics are sold by the roll and are available in sizes of either 12.5' x 360' or 15' x 360'.

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  • Fabric: 100% Polypropylene Staple Fiber, Needle-Punched
  • Weight: 3.5 oz. /yd²
  • Roll Sizes: 12.5' x 360' or 15' x 360'


  • High Level of Dimensional Stability
  • Reliable Filtration
  • UV Rot Resistant
  • Resists Biological Degradation
  • Withstands Natural Encounters with Basics and Acids
  • Holds up for Extended Periods of Time

Typical Erosion Control Applications:

  • Road Construction
  • Sedimentation Control
  • Cushioning
  • Drainage
  • Separation
  • Filtration

3.8 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile
Technical Specifications

Test Method
Minimum Average Roll Value (M.A.R.V.)
Weight (typical)
ASTM D5261
oz/yd2 (g/m2)
3.5 (119)
Grab Tensile
ASTM D4632
lbs (kN)
90 (.40)
Grab Elongation
ASTM D4632
Trapezoid Tear Strength
ASTM D4533
lbs (kN)
40 (.178)
CBR Puncture Resistance
ASTM D6241
lbs (kN)
265 (1.18)
UV Resistance
ASTM D4355
ASTM D4750
50 US Sieve
Roll Dimensions (W x L) - ft
12.5' x 360' or 15' x 360'

The 3.5 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile featured here is one of many geotextiles in our nonwoven and woven geotextile product line. For more information regarding each of these products, please check out our Soil Erosion Control Material Variety.

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