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Soil Stabilization Matting

Erosion Matting for Hillsides and Slopes

erosion mattingQuestion: I am interested in soil stabilization matting that I can use along my hillside to control erosion in the area. The hill has a moderate slope and will only be dealing with minimal rainfall issues. What type of erosion matting would be best for this application?

Answer: For soil stabilization on hillsides, banks, and slopes, there are multiple different products you could consider for your location. When choosing an erosion matting option, the first thing we usually urge customers to consider is whether they are interested in a natural and biodegradable fabric or a synthetic fabric.

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Natural Fiber Erosion Matting

Designed from natural materials such as straw, coir, and wood fibers, biodegradable soil stabilization matting is environmentally safe solution. Depending on your erosion control requirements and site conditions, different products may be able to work better than others at stabilizing soil in the area. Options for natural fiber matting include:

  • coir mattingCoir Matting: Coir erosion matting will typically feature an open weave design that looks very similar to netting. This weave will provide space within the mat for vegetation to be planted and seeds to take root. Coir is also one of the strongest natural fiber options and has a typical life span of anywhere from 4-6 years.

  • straw blanketsStraw Matting: Another popular option for natural erosion control is straw matting. Typically made from wheat straw fibers, these mats are able to stabilize areas. Straw matting is offered in either a single or double net design.

If you have questions about soil stabilization, give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.

Synthetic Soil Stabilization Matting

woven geotextilesDepending on your location, erosion matting may also include synthetic fabrics such as woven or nonwoven geoetextiles. Often constructed from a polypropylene material, these materials can help stabilize soil, separate aggregates, filter materials, and provide additional strength to your location. Options include:

  • Woven Geotextiles: The woven geotextile will feature a combination of stabilization fibers that have been woven together to create a high strength fabric. Woven fabrics are often used for locations and applications where increased strength and support is required.

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles: While the woven geotextile is perfect for weight and strength applications, the nonwoven is a popular option for filtration. Made with needle-punched holes throughout the material, geotextiles are able to provide a high level of permeability for areas needing to stabilize and filter materials.

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