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Biodegradable Landscape Stakes

Stakes for Coir Mats, Straw Blankets and other Erosion Products

erosion control silt fenceBio-friendly landscape stakes, pegs and staples are a completely biodegradable way to secure your erosion control materials. Designed to disintegrate over time into compost, these stakes offer an low-maintenance alternative to standard metal staples, pins and stakes. Biodegradeable landscape stakes have been used for erosion control grass, sod, straw, coir, mats and even light geotextiles.

Biodegradable stakes feature a resin made from a PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates). PHA is a plant based material, allowing it to completely diminish into compost over time. Stakes come in multiple lengths to accommodate various areas and will hold products just as well as a wooden or metal stake of the same size.

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Standard Biodegradable Stake

Biodegradable stakes for lawns and erosion products are made stiff to be able to penetrate hard soils. biodegradable stakeDepending on the thickness of the product that needs to be fastened down, the six inches may be needed over the four inches. Stakes will hold strong to the ground, and stay down, because of its alternating rib design and double hooks, similar to how a fishing hook holds.

Depending on the environmental conditions and location of the stakes, these eco-friendly stakes will last from 12-24 months


  • Length: 4-6"
  • Alternating Rib Design and Double Hooks
  • Stiff Structure
  • Last 12-24 Months
  • Color: White
  • Sizing


OXO-Biodegradable Stake

OXO stake

The OXO-Biodegradable stake is very similar to the standard biodegradable stake. It has the same alternative ribbing, double hooks and decomposition rate. It differs only in its color and flexible nature. The OXO green stake is very hard to break and even under harsh conditions will bend instead of snap.

OXO-biodegradable landscape stakes for lawn and erosion control will work for most of the same applications as its less flexible counter. However, these stakes fare better in harsh wind conditions and will bend instead of breaking if faced with heavy traffic. The flexibility keeps the stakes in the ground to continue keeping its product attached.


  • Length: 4-6"
  • Alternating Rib Design and Double Hooks
  • Flexible structure
  • Last 12-24 Months
  • Color: Green
  • Sizing


Net Peg

Net Peg

The net peg is an environmentally friendly peg designed for lighter application than the biodegradable stakes. The standard length of this peg is 3.5".


  • Length: 3.5"
  • Anchor Design
  • Last 12-24 months
  • Color: Green
  • Sizing


  • Most Economical Beneficial For Slope Based Applications
  • Pins Down:
    • Netting
    • Landscaping Projects
    • Sod
    • Erosion Control Grasses
  • Holds Strong to the Ground

If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at +1-772-646-0597.

Biodegradable Erosion Control Securement Products

Product Size Color Break down Time Per Case
Standard Biodegradable Stake 4" White 12-24 months 1000
Standard Biodegradable Stake 6" White 12-24 months 500
OXO-Biodegradable Stake 4" Green 12-24 months 1000
OXO-Biodegradable Stake 6" Green 12-24 months 500
Net Peg 3.5" Green 12-24 months 1000

Biodegradable Landscape Stakes Flyer

Biodegrading Process

After the stakes, pegs, or staples have been inserted into soil the biodegradable process will begin. Over time the plant based plastic material will begin to break down into micro size bits of carbon and plastic particles. The carbon will break down the plastic particles leaving only water, carbon dioxide and the left over bio-plant material the product is original made from.

Being Exposed to heat, sunlight and chemicals may increase the break down process. Keeping them completely in the ground is the best way to maintain the average breakdown time.

Landscape Stakes Layout

Below is an Illustration on how landscape stakes and staples should generally be laid out to to hold down erosion or landscaping products. Note: when combining one blanket/net/mat with another, you should overlap the two by one foot.

Landscape stake layout

See applications these products can be used for in Soil Reinforcement and Wetland Restoration.

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