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Biodegradable Landscape Stakes

Stakes for Coir Mats, Straw Blankets, and Other Erosion Products

stakes for coir matsBio-friendly landscape stakes and pegs are an environmentally friendly way to secure erosion control products, such as logs, wattles, and mats, on erosion control and restoration projects. Designed to disintegrate over time into compost, these stakes offer a low-maintenance alternative to standard metal staples, pins and stakes. Biodegradable landscape stakes have been used for erosion control mats, sod, straw blankets, coir, and even light geotextiles.

Biodegradable stakes feature recycled plastics with an additive that changes polymer structure, allowing for decomposition. Stakes come in multiple lengths to accommodate projects of various sizes and will secure products just as well as non-biodegradable stakes or sod staples of the same size. See Installation Supplies

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Biodegradable Landscape Stakes

Biodegradable landscape stakes for lawns and erosion products are designed to secure biodegradable erosion control matting to even the hardest soils. Depending on the thickness of the product that needs to be fastened down, the project may require 4", 6", or 8" stakes. Stakes hold strong to the ground, and stay down, because of their alternating rib design and double hooks, similar to how a fishing hook holds.

Depending on the environmental conditions and location of the stakes, these eco-friendly stakes will last from 24-36 months.

Features of Biodegradable Stakes

  • stakes for coir matsLength: 4-8"
  • Alternating Rib Design and Double Hooks
  • Stiff Structure
  • Last 24-36 Months
  • Color: Green

Benefits of Biodegradable Stakes

Biodegradable Net Peg

The net peg is an environmentally friendly alternative to sod staples designed for lighter application than the biodegradable landscape stakes. The standard length of this peg is 3.5".

Features of Net Pegs

  • Net PegLength: 3.5"
  • Anchor Design
  • Last 12-24 Months
  • Color: Green

Benefits of Net Pegs

  • Most Economical and Beneficial For Slope-Based Applications
  • Pins Down:
    • Netting
    • Landscaping Projects
    • Sod
    • Erosion Products
  • Holds Strong to the Ground

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Biodegradable Erosion Product Technical Specifications

Product Color Break Down Time Size Per Case
Standard Biodegradable Stake Green 24-36 Months 4" 1,000
6" 500
8" 300
Net Peg Green 12-24 Months 3.5" 1,000

See the Staples and Stakes for more information.

Biodegrading Process

Landscape stake stakesAfter the stakes or pegs have been inserted into soil, the biodegrading process will begin. Over time, the recycled plastic material will begin to break down into micro size bits of carbon and plastic particles. The carbon will break down the plastic particles leaving only water, carbon dioxide, and the left over biomass material.

Extended exposure to heat, sunlight, and chemicals may increase the biodegrading process. Ensuring that stakes and pegs are completely submersed in the ground is the best way to maintain the average breakdown time.

Landscape Stakes Layout

Below is an illustration of how landscape stakes and staples should generally be laid out to hold down erosion control products or landscaping products. Note: when combining one blanket/net/mat with another, you should overlap the two by one foot.

Landscape stake layout

For stress-free, quick stake installation of biodegradable landscape stakes, use the Stake Installation Tool from Erosion Control Products.

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