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Coir Wattle Erosion Control

Question: Hello. I have some questions about the coir wattle erosion control materials. First, how are these products installed? Do they need to be staked down or are they allowed to rest on a concrete surface. Second, what is the difference between this and coir log?

coir wattlesAnswer: The Erosion Control Wattle is a highly flexible and natural material that has often been used as a BMP around inlets, drains and even low flow channels. These waters are designed to filter and retain sediment in your area, while still allowing water to flow or pass through the wattle.

Coir Wattles versus Coir Logs

The coir wattle and the coir log are extremely similar it both style and design. Both products are made with a bristle coir twine exterior and a mattress coir fiber interior.

erosion control wattleThe difference between these products primarily focuses on the density and packing of the mattress coir materials. Coir logs are extremely densely packed rolls that provide a large level of strength. Coir wattles, by contrast, are not packed as densely and tend to offer slightly less strength in terms of materials.

One of the easiest ways customers tend to tell the difference between these is by a simple example.

  • A coir log can be stood on without losing its shape or strength.
  • A coir wattle, when stood on, will tend to indent slightly and will not maintain its full shape under the weight of a person.

Coir Wattle Installation

coir wattlesTypically, both the coir log and the coir wattle offers installation and placement through the use of wooden stakes. This can be placed either directly through the center of wattle or along the sides to keep the item in place or to move the wattle along a specific path.

Staples may also be used along the bottom of the coir wattle erosion control material to help stabilize the product and lengthen the amount of area it can cover. Both methods of securing this coir material would require a soil, sediment or dirt surface that would be able to secure placement of stakes into its surface.

While a coir wattle can be placed on concrete, there would be no guarantee that it would stay in place. This can limit both its function and its effectiveness.

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