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Coconut Fiber Mat

Hello. I am looking for a coconut fiber mat that I can use for erosion control in my area. Do you have any coir erosion control mats? I need one that can work in channel that has a very high flow of water.

coconut fiber matThank you for contacting us! We do offer several different Erosion Control Mats including those made from coir, polypropylene and jute materials. For the type of area you have described, the Erosion and Sediment Control Mat is an economical choice. This mat is designed for steeper slopes and high flow channels to help control erosion and sediment in these demanding conditions.

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Features including on these coir mats include several features to help with vegetative growth, wildlife protection, and erosion control. Some of the many features include:

erosion control mat100% Biodegradable Material: Like many of our coir products, the coconut fiber mat is made from biodegradable materials to help protect wildlife and create a hassle-free erosion control area. These particular mats are designed for long term erosion control and have a lifespan for approximately four to six years (4-6 yrs).

Open Weave Design: Coir mats are manufactured with an open weave designs that measures 0.5 inches by 0.5 inches. This is wide enough to provide room for seeding both before and after installation. This has helped to ease the process of vegetative regrowth and allows plants to be successfully plants and establish to help reinforce banks and prevent erosion.

Bristle Coir Twine: These biodegradable erosion control mats are woven with bristle coir twine to help strengthen banks and slopes without causing harm to the environment. This has allowed the erosion control mat to be used in wetland restoration projects, stream or riverbank erosion control, 1:1 slopes and areas with a high flow.

These coir mats are made in several different roll sizes including those that cover:

  • 30 square yards
  • 120 square yards
  • 180 square yards

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