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Coir Fiber Matting for Restoration

Erosion Control Mats

Question: I am in need of coir fiber matting for restoration projects. I am looking for an erosion control mat coir fiber mattin for restoration that I can use for a coastal saltmarsh restoration project. I was looking at your coir fiber mats in the restoration section and I was wondering if these erosion control mats are always made from coconut fiber? Would they work in my location?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! In general, an Erosion Control Mat can be made from a wide range of materials including straw, wood shavings, coir, and even polypropylene materials. However, often during restoration projects there is a large need for an erosion control product that is both high in strength and
environmentally friendly.

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Coir Mat

The coir mat can be ideal for restoration projects as it is both natural and high in strength. erosion control matsWhen compared to other natural fibers, such as straw or wood, the coir material is higher in strength and offers a longer-lasting structure. This can help stabilize your area long enough for plant life to grow and
establish roots.

To answer your question about the coir material, most coir mats are made using a coconut fiber material. This material consists of coconut husks that have been soaked for added strength and flexibility. These fibers are then placed together to form stable mats or blankets.

Advantages offered when using coir fiber matting for restoration projects includes:

  • Biodegradable: Most coir erosion control mats are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. As this mat biodegrades, it enriches that soil beneath for plant growth.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Economical
  • Open Weave Design: Coir mats are typically created with an open weave that allows for planting both before and after installation of the mat.
  • Different Strengths for Various Slopes
  • Holds up in Water Areas

Coir Matting Options

The coir mat is offered in a couple of different strengths, depending on your project requirements. Choosing between these mats is often dependant on conditions in your location such as water flow, required strength, and slope steepness. If your area for erosion control is particularly steep (1:1) or if it has a high flow, stronger fabrics such as the Coir Mat 90, are a good choice.

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