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Coir Geotextile Erosion Control

Hi. I am looking for a coir geotextile erosion control item that can be used to control a 1-1 slope. coir geotextile erosion controlI don't know what I am looking for exactly, but I was hoping to have native plants installed along the geotextile to help establish the slope. I need roughly 3000 square feet. Do you have anything?

Thank you for contacting us! For the type of erosion control you are trying to establish, a great option would be the Coir Erosion Control Mat 90. This strong and durable erosion control mat is made from 100% natural and biodegradable coir and is designed for use on steep slopes or heavy-duty channels.

Once installed, these coir mats will offer you a high level of erosion control for your location, allowing your to establish natural vegetation. This coir mat is one of our semi-permanent erosion control mats and has a typical lifespan of four to six years (4-6 yrs).

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The coir material is a highly biodegradable and natural product that offers strong support for vegetation erosion control matand other items in your location. Coir mats typically feature an open weave design that allows for planting of seeds and vegetation both before and after the mat has been installed on your location.

Features found on the mat include:

Bristle Coir Twine: The erosion control mat uses bristle coir twine materials that are woven and machine spun. This material is 100% natural, meaning it can both biodegrade and form a natural level of erosion control in your location. As opposed to other geotextile materials, coir is natural to prevent harm to surrounding environmental factors.

Open Weave: This coir mat has an open weave design that leaves holes that are 0.3 inches by 0.5 inches (0.3" x 0.5"). These open weave areas are the perfect way to install seeds or plants both before and after the mat has been installed.

Semi-Permanent Design: The semi-permanent nature of this erosion control mat is designed to help slopes, river banks and other locations to establish natural erosion control. This can mean allowing enough time for plants to take root and form a natural barrier against erosion.

The semi-permanent design allows the coir geotextile erosion control mat to have a lifespan of approximately four to six years. During this time, the mat will slowly biodegrade, enriching soil in the area and providing a natural erosion control disposal process.

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