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Compost Filter Sock

Perimeter Control and Filtration with Compost Socks

compost filter sock for stormwater filtration and controlCompost filter socks are affordable, and they ship to you. A compost filter sock is a great alternative to any silt fence or perimeter control device. Designed to address stormwater runoff, our filter socks serve the dual purpose of filtering water flows and preventing further erosion from the site. Compost socks have been used along concrete jobs sites, parking lots, work areas and other locations where sediment control is required.

Compost socks are constructed from a UV-stabilized polypropylene netting and is filled with a blend of 2" and 3" wood shavings and compost. Compost filter socks are typically eight to twelve inches in diameter, but also come in multiple lengths to meet the requirements of your site.

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Features of Compost Filter Socks

  • Diameter: 8", 12", 18", or 24"
  • Interior: 50/50 Blend of 2" and 3" Wood Shavings
  • Exterior Netting: Tubular Knit Netting made of Polypropylene Multi-Filament Yarns

Benefits of Compost Filter Socks

  • Filters Runoff Before it Leaves Your Site
  • Acts as an Effective Perimeter
  • Used in Extreme Conditions
  • Requires No Trenching for Installation
  • Reliable Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Can be Seeded for Permanent Control
  • Installs Easily with Stakes

Standard Applications for Filter Socks

compost filter socks help control stormwater and filter stormwater too

Compost Filter Socks Typical Sizing

Diameter Length Amt/Skid Stakes
8" 10' 18 36
8" 200' 1 21
12" 10' 8 20
12" 110' 1 11
18" 50' 1 6
18" 30' 1 4

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