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Sediment Filter Sock

Erosion Control Sock

Sediment Filter Sock

The Ultra Filter Sock is a reliable option for any site looking to control the flow of sediment, silt and metals into their drain. Designed to target and remove site specific pollutants, these socks are used as around drains, gutters, ditches and downspouts to filter water as it enters a drain system. This creates a reliable filtration perimeter that will help guard the drain and prevent unwanted pollution.filter sock

Erosion Control Socks feature a length of nine feet (9') and use an interior filter designed to target a specific pollutant. Models include options for the removal of carbon, hydrocarbons, sediment, phosphorous and heavy metals.


  • Standard Length: 9'
  • Exterior Fabric: Woven Polymer
  • Looped Ends
  • Media Options: Activated Carbon, Sorb 44 (oil & hydrocarbons),
    Sediment, Phos Filter, Heavy Metal Removal


  • Targets Specific Contaminants within a Runoff Stream
  • Looped Ends to Secure Socks
  • Controls and Protects Drains
  • Extended Length to Protect Length of the Drain

Typical Applications:

  • Drain Protection
  • Erosion Control
  • Perimeter Control
  • Runoff Filtration

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Technical Specifications

Part# Description Filtration Media


9453 Activated Carbon Chemicals and Hydrocarbons 108" x 7" x 4"
(2,743mm x 178mm x 102mm)
40lb (18kg)
9455 Sorb 44 Oil and Hydrocarbons 108" x 7" x 4"
(2,743mm x 178mm x 102mm)
9457 Sediment Removal Sediment 108 x 7 x 4
(2,743mm x 178mm x 102mm)
40lb (18kg)
9456 Phos Filter Phosphorous 108 x 7 x 4
(2,743mm x 178mm x 102mm)
66lb (30kg)
9454 Heavy Metal Removal Zinc, Lead, Copper & Heavy Metals 108 x 7 x 4
(2,743mm x 178mm x 102mm)
35lb (16kg)

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