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Do Erosion Control Blankets Biodegrade?

Straw Blankets vs. Coir Blankets

Do Erosion Control Blankets Biodegrade?

Erosion control blankets will biodegrade at different levels, depending on the materials used to construct the blanket and the conditions in your location. In general, a majority of the erosion control blankets offered here are built using natural fibers such as straw, coconut coir, wood fibers, and photodegradable jute and polypropylene netting. This allows many of our natural products to biodegrade over time to enrich your surrounding areas.

Straw vs. Coconut Fiber Blankets

erosion control blankets biodegradeThe main difference you will find between a straw and coconut fiber blanket will be in terms of its strength and life duration. While Straw Blankets tend to biodegrade over shorter periods of time (typically 6 months to 2 years), Coir Erosion Control Mats will feature additional strength that allows them to slowly biodegrade over several years (typically 4 to 6 years). The main reason for this difference will revolve around the coir material and its natural construction.

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Coconut Coir Fiber

coir mat 40The coconut coir fiber is created using the husks of coconuts. These husks have be cured over time to develop strengthened coir fibers. These fibers offer increased strength that provides increased erosion control in demanding conditions.

Choosing a Natural Erosion Control Mat

Choosing the right erosion control mat for your location will be highly dependant on several different factors, including several conditions of your location. Typical factors you will want to take into consideration when choosing a mat include the following:

  • Slope: A majority of our mats are rated for slopes anywhere from 3:1 to 1:1 in size. 3:1 slopes will be flatter and may require low-level erosion control. 1:1 slopes, by contrast, will be significantly steeper and will require tougher erosion control options, such as coir.

  • Flow: Often used along banks, streams, and shores, choosing an erosion control mat is also dependant on the water flow in your location. Higher flows will require stronger mats, such as the coir or coconut fiber material, while low flows may only require straw or wood fiber.

For more information on these products or additional questions, such as do erosion control blankets biodegrade, check out our Coir Mats and Straw Blankets.

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