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Erosion Control Wattle

Hello. I am looking for a coir erosion control wattle or something similar that I can used around my construction site as a natural barrier. I need something that is about 20 ft in length. Do you think this will work?erosion control wattle

The Bio Erosion Coir Wattle is an effective and environmentally friendly way to control silt or sediment on your site. They have often been used in dams and other low flow areas to help filter sediment or silt out of the water.

This kind of filtering can be extremely useful when using this wattle as a kind of bmp along the entrance or drainage areas of your site.

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As an all natural product, this sediment control wattle has been made from coir materials to help keep it safe for the environment. The bulk of the coir wattle has been made using mattress coir fiber materials while the exterior is made from bristle coir twine. Some features found on this wattle include:

  • Mattress Coir Fiber Materials
  • Bristle Coir Twine Netting
  • Strength of 90 lbs.
  • Diameter of either 9 or 12 inches


wattle in streamThe erosion control coir wattle offers several unique advantages that help it to effectively filter out sediment and other materials especially in a construction site area. Some of these benefits include:

  • Biodegradable for no hassle removal
  • Quick Installation around drains and on your site
  • Successfully retains sediment to keep area clean
  • Water keeps a steady flow around your site
  • Perfect for BMP drain guards or inlet protectors

In addition to filtering out sediment on construction site, the coir erosion control wattle has also been used as a check dam in low flowing streams and as an erosion control measure along banks.

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