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Hill Erosion Control

Erosion Control Mats for Hillsides

hill erosion controlQuestion: We have a mountain home with a hill in the back that is a steep grade. We need help with erosion. The hill is approximately 40 yards wide and 30 yards wide. Can we use a coir mat in this setting?

Answer: There are a couple of different methods customers have used for erosion control along a slope or hill. This has included installing grasses, planting vegetation, installing rock beds, and implementing erosion control mats.

Anytime you are considering erosion control, vegetation is usually one of the first methods offered due to its natural and long-lasting effects. Planting vegetation along a slope can work to slow down water, establish roots, and stabilize soils to limit erosion control. Similarly, installing items like grass can help to increase the strength of the soil and slow down drainage issues.

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Erosion Control Products to Help with Vegetation

While plants and vegetation may be installed directly to your area, many hillside owners choose to additionally install an Erosion Control Mat or blanket to further increase stability in your location.

Coir Mats

hill erosion control matSince you have mentioned that your hill is especially steep, coir matting may be the best option for soil stabilization. Unlike materials such as straw or aspen wood, the coir fabric is higher in strength and is offered in options for steep areas. The strongest of erosion control coir mats can be used on slopes up to 1:1.

Coir Mats Specifications

Product Open Area Weight Sizes Uses
Coir Mat 40 65% 11.8 oz/yds²
400 g/m²
6.56 ft x 165 ft
13.1 ft x 165 ft
Slopes: 3:1 or less
Flows: up to 8 fps
Coir Mat 70 50% 20.6 oz/yds²
700 g/m³
6.56 ft x 165 ft
13.1 ft x 83 ft
13.1 ft x 165 ft
Slopes: 2:1 or 1:1
Flows: up to 12 fps
Coir Mat 90 39% 26.5 oz/yds²
900 g/m²
6.56 ft x 165 ft
13.1 ft x 83 ft
13.1 ft x 165 ft
Slopes: 1:1 or greater
Flows: up to 16 fps

Coir Mats with Vegetation

One of the best advantages of the coir mat is its ability to be used with vegetation. The design of the mat includes open weaves where vegetation can grow through the mat or where seeding can be installed after installation. Through this method, many have combined hill erosion control solutions to include mat stabilization (short term solution) and vegetation (long-term solution).

Best of all, these slope erosion control mats are all natural. This means that the entire mat is capable of biodegrading over a period of four to six years. As it biodegrades, soil will be further enriched and stabilized, helping to further plant growth.

Additional Erosion Control Products

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