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10 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile

Nonwovens for Slope Stabilization

10 oz nonwoven geotextileNonwovens come in three different weight classes, lightweights, medium weights, and heavy weights. The 10 oz. nonwoven geotextile fabric is the first of the heavy weights, the strongest and sturdiest of all the categories. The heavy weight nonwoven, needle-punched geotextile can measure up to the woven textiles in terms of strength but can filter significantly smaller particles. The 10 oz in particular has a grab tensile strength of 250 pounds.

Unlike the woven geotextiles, nonwovens use the needle punched process, allowing the fabric to elongate further and filter better. The two types of fabric can handle similar applications, like slope stabilization. However the nonwoven geo fabric is able to filter sediment from coming through, as well as stabilizing it. Nonwoven geotextile also has the ability to wrap around a slope with its elongation aspect.

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  • Fabric: Nonwoven Needle Punctured Polypropylene
  • Grab Tensile Strength: 250 lbs
  • Roll Sizes: 12.5' x 360' and 15' x 300'
  • Roll Weight: 130-155 lbs
  • Water Flow Rate: 80 gpm/ft²
  • 50% Elongation


  • Cost Effective
  • Natural Resistance to UV Exposure
  • Equipped to Handle Contact with Chemicals
  • High Level of Filtration
  • Equal in Strength to Woven Fabrics
  • Rot Resistant

Standard Applications

nonwoven filter fabric
  • Aggregate Separation
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Reinforcement
  • Erosion Control
  • Embankment Stabilization
  • Drainage
  • Bank Reinforcement
  • Protective Liners

10 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile Specifications

Property Test Method Unit Minimum Average Roll Value (M.A.R.V.)
Weight ASTM D5261 oz/yd² (g/m²) 10 (339)
Grab Tensile ASTM D4632 lbs (kN) 250 (1.11)
Trapezoid Tear Strength ASTM D4632 lbs (kN) 40 (.178)
Grab Elongation ASTM D4632 % 50
Permittivity ASTM D4491 sec-1 1.2
Water Flow ASTM D4491 gpm/ft² (l/min/m²) 80 (3251)
A.O.S ASTM D4491 U.S. Sieve 100 (.150)
UV Resistance ASTM D4355 %/hrs 70/ 500
Roll Sizes 12.5' W x 360' L (4,500 ft²/roll)
15' W x 300' L (4,500 ft²/roll)

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Mirafi® Nonwoven Geotextile Filter Fabric

We offer another popular filter fabric, the Mirafi® S-Series needle-punched nonwoven geotextile. A stronger nonwoven fabric, Mirafi® S-Series is used to protection environments, energy infrastructure and natural resource projects. An economical solution, the Mirafi® S-Series is well-suited for many civil engineering applications. This strong filter fabric is often used as liner protection in solid waste landfills, fracking ponds, and other water management systems. Visit our Mirafi® S-Series page to learn more.

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Woven Geotextiles

The 10 oz. nonwoven geotextile still not strong enough? Need a stiffer design, better tear strength, or lesser water flow rate? Woven Geotextiles might be the stabilization fabric your application needs!

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